You guys are gunna be proud of me, Take the time to read this please

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  1. Take the time and read this! Just to show you it is possible to change peoples opinion on it even if they are against it you can do it too seriously I am asking you all to try something like this with someone you know who doesnt like it and there has to be someone who doesnt like Gaunge this will help and give more people a better opinion on it

    m3stphan87: Have you ever gotten high?
    Baby387: lol no, why?
    m3stphan87: Sec I need to help my friend out
    m3stphan87: He broke up with his gf
    m3stphan87: brb
    Baby387: oo ok
    m3stphan87: Back
    Baby387: alright
    m3stphan87: yeah i would shoot life in the face if I didnt smoke
    Baby387: oh
    Baby387: actually i'm pretty against it
    m3stphan87: Why
    Baby387: just cause
    m3stphan87: We're going to have a big conversation about it and I am gunna change the way you think about it *nods*
    m3stphan87: There has to be some reason behind you being against it
    m3stphan87: Are you only against it because its labeled as a drug?
    Baby387: i dunno
    Baby387: not really
    m3stphan87: So you think its right for people to be arrested for it and put in jail longer than people who rob banks and kill people?
    Baby387: no
    Baby387: it doesnt have much to do with it being illegal
    m3stphan87: Than why dont you like it? lol
    Baby387: cuz it makes you lose a ton of brain cells
    m3stphan87: I can think on the same level as people who have never smoked in their life
    Baby387: and it makes ppl do dumb stuff and it smells terrible
    Baby387: lol
    Baby387: ok Adam
    m3stphan87: I can
    m3stphan87: Just because I dropped out doenst make me retarded
    m3stphan87: I can get A's if I actually wanted too
    Baby387: well i know that
    Baby387: im not calling you dumb
    m3stphan87: What do you mean do dumb stuff?
    Baby387: my friend told me a story about her first time getting high and she got so horny that she just had to fuck someone and so she just fucked some random guy
    MikesBaby387: it totally impairs your judgement
    m3stphan87: Then shes a slut
    Baby387: no she's not
    m3stphan87: She cant blame that on weec
    m3stphan87: weed*
    Baby387: she would never do that on her own
    Baby387: i know her
    m3stphan87: lol
    m3stphan87: I have never heard of it making people horney enough to go fuck some random dude. Thats a choice
    m3stphan87: If it was laced with something yeah maybe
    Baby387: I dunno...dont ask me
    Baby387: lol
    m3stphan87: Do you think your smarter than heidi? Cause she smokes alot now lol
    Baby387: i have important things to focus on now that im in college...i cant spend my time smoking weed
    m3stphan87: The only time I actually went to school and worked was when I was high
    m3stphan87: I'm not trying to get you to smoke
    m3stphan87: I need to change peoples opinion on it
    Baby387: ok cuz if you were i'd have to kick ur ass:p
    m3stphan87: Cause everyone has such a bad outlook on it
    Baby387: yeah
    Baby387: well those are the only reasons i have
    Baby387: i know they use it in like medicine and its good for stuff like that
    Baby387: im not so against that
    m3stphan87: I was suicidal befor i smoked weed
    m3stphan87: And depressed
    Baby387: Oh
    m3stphan87: So I LOVE it
    m3stphan87: If I could snuggle upto a bag of weed of it and fall asleep I would!
    m3stphan87: Everydamn night!
    m3stphan87: lol
    Baby387: lmao
    m3stphan87: I changed my parents opinion on it
    m3stphan87: They used to be against it 100%
    m3stphan87: I'm allowed to come home high now
    m3stphan87: lol
    Baby387: wow
    m3stphan87: Yeah people only look at the cons
    Baby387: mostly
    m3stphan87: Heidi used to not like it
    m3stphan87: I never asked her to smoke it either
    m3stphan87: Not once
    Baby387: i'll prolly try it at least once sometime
    m3stphan87: I think she realized how much it can actually help you
    m3stphan87: If your against it dont
    m3stphan87: I'm not trying to make you
    Baby387: no, i just wanna for the sake of trying it
    m3stphan87: Ohhh
    m3stphan87: You'll like it
    Baby387: lol
    m3stphan87: Talk about critical thinking
    Baby387: ok i'd love to continue this conversation but i gotta go eat dinner
    Baby387: lol
    m3stphan87: Have a good dinner
    Baby387: thank you
    Baby387: :)
    Baby387: ttyl
    m3stphan87: You know it
    Baby387: buh bye
    m3stphan87: Byes

    I love the fact that no one has close to enough of an arguement to prove me wrong seriously try talking to people about it changing peoples opinion will help legalizing it and if you think i'm wrong I dont care do it for fun
  2. i think she said that just so you would shut up. The way i look at it, if there that close minded i dont wanna deal with them at all
  3. Nice job. But i agree with mike whe was just sayin that so you would shut up.
  4. Post 420 for me, woot woot. Get her to smoke up with you, dude.
  5. I dont think she was trying to get me to shut up if she was she would have said it I'm sure of that. I dont know though I'll bring some trees and see if she'll burn one with me

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