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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by thisismynewxbox, May 16, 2010.

  1. forumpost.jpg

    This is a chair in my pantry with some boxes on it. Whats at the top??


    OH YEAH my girl raised up to a 19 watt 5500k cfl. A little tin foil for reflectivity.

    Whadya guys think?
  2. ill just sum up all my thoughts. NO.
  3. What am I looking at? A plant sitting on top a bunch of boxes to get light from the ceiling fixture? Really?
  4. KyHomeGrown - That is exactly what your looking at:)
  5. wow. and i thought i was cheap.
  7. come on man, thats really ghetto. you can do better than that
  8. Agreed lotuselise. I would love to build myself a little PC grow box, but unfortunatley that isn't in the cards atm. I think these pics are so funny and thats why i posted them. I'll c tomorrow whether my plant actually did anything overnight under this bulb. If so - sweet -a couple more hours of vegging during the night.

    LOL is this ghetto or what?
  9. yes, but im sure it will be good for your plant, for a little bit at least.

    you really cant afford a cardboard box and a couple more cfl's?
  10. Unfortunatley not atm. Like I said, i will step up my game in the near future. Im pretty much growing this plant as an expirement. Its my first grow, so im just making sure I get the jist down before investing money in lights and fans.

    I've never posted to a forum about anything before, and I am pleasantly suprised at the quick responses I get. LOVE IT!! You guys and gals are great. Its collaboration of the masses like this that will get us where we need to be: Educated and Free!!

    +rep lotuselise:)
  11. I bet it's still stretching like hell. But at least you get the basic concept of CFL's :D
  12. thanks man, just PM me any questions you have in the future, i have a few grows under my belt and may be able to help. let me know if you start a journal too. what are you growin BTW, just some bagseed?
  13. Yeah just some seeds I got from a friend's baggie. Im really excited to start a box, SCROG growing really interests the hell outta me. Actually, since I germinated my first seed, I've been doing nothing but reading forums for hours on end. It has really caught my attention and interest so much I am thinking about going to school to become some sort of lab tech that controls grow conditions and such. Get paid to give life and play with plants? Thats what im talking about. And since MJ might become a legal commodity in my lifetime (im 25), maybe I'll come up with some crazy ass strain in a gov. lab that will knock your sox off:) Thanks for the input and support lotuselise, i'll add you and let you know when my grow journal starts up.
  14. true, my very first grow was in the back yard woods of my parents house. the plants were so small they didnt even produce bud, besides most got eaten by deer. everyone has to start somewhere though.....
  15. go t walmart, get some 14 watt daylight bulbs a dollar each, and get like 4 of them! im sure it'll work because im using it. im like in day 6 and its going alright
  16. Do you guys think having the tin foil up over the light like that is going to start a fire in my house? Will the fixture get too hot?

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