You gotta see this Incest!

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  1. I can't say how wrong this is. im sure they dont smoke the weed, but they need to.

    This is the world of today


    plus a half sister brother couple combo.

    light a spliff and contemplate the future
  2. You would be surprised how much that shit actually goes down. Seriously.
  3. u know that chick with the buck-toothed grin whos always up for it?
    best keep sex safe, better wear a condom :D

    although after watching the video personally...its their shit let them do it and clean up the mess if theres any. thats like the gov tryn to control what we put into our bodies. like saying serotonin is illegal when its natively made in your head. ok so thats not entirely the same but still. to each their own. sister. hahahahahha
  4. I got a freind whose originally from west virginia, and his brother married his aunt, dont approve, just saying.
  5. It's hard to believe that incest occasionally still persists in modern society. People make fun of the American South saying that we're inbred or whatever, but most of the time when I hear about this it ends up being in another country.

    It used to be acceptable (and even encouraged) in many Western cultures for people to marry their first or second cousins. This was extremely common among royalty and the upper class, and even some of our earlier presidents did it. It may seem disgusting to some now, but they thought it was best to keep the family blood "pure" so to speak. And although reproducing with your cousin does create a higher chance of birth defects, it isn't a significant risk.

    But that's nothing compared to marrying your own father. Do they not realize that mixing with your own gene pool is extremely dangerous for your children? The woman is giving birth to her own sibling. Their kids' father is the same person as their maternal grandfather, and their paternal grandfather is the same as their maternal great-grandfather. The two kids are also literally each other's aunt/uncle. There are definitely going to be some mental problems later in life. Shit, the mother and father look exactly alike!
  6. AFAIK my great grandparents on my mothers side were first cousins.

    Then again, it was much more acceptable back then, and cousins is a huge step away compared to brother / sister, or parent / child..
  7. wow that is some crazy ass shit son. but at least it wasn't like the dad stayed around and was bangin the mom and daughter at the same time, fuckin gross
  8. :eek::eek::eek:

    This thread is fuckin crazy man, lol.

  9. I love the reporter, he straight up doesn't care if he offends them. He makes it clear that he thinks its wrong.
  10. Did somebody say inbred? :D

  11. The only reason why inbreeding would be a bad idea is if there is some sort of defect in the family. Outbreeding is a way to weed out unpure genes. That's why animals do it.

    But having sex with my own father does nothing but bring shivers down my spine and sets my gag reflex into over drive. Meh.
  12. I need to smoke another bowl cause my high ass just thought "how owuld i feel if i fucked my father/mother on a regular......"



    *deep shudder*
  13. gross gross gross
  14. shits fucked

    All I have to say.
  15. I've been attracted to my step dad before >_> but I never would of thought of actually doing that with him..
  16. hics lovin eachother.. makes youwonder how these ppl get power.

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