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  1. I have been on this growing roller coaster for a little while now. I have suffered the "Oh shit these plants are male," syndrome, as well as the timeless, "Oh shit I think they are all dead," syndrome. Once I found this site, everything has been on a much smoother plain. Now that I have beautiful plants and I'm almost a week into my bloom cycle, I have learned from a friend of mine that I have to cut down my plants after they hav budded out. Now call me stupid, but I thought people had the same plants for years. I was under the impression that I could keep budding out the same plants again and again. Now if this horrible rumor is true, is it too late to clone the plants that I already have since I have already started my bloom cycle? I really don't know how to cut clones anyway. I got my clones from a friend thinking it would be the last time I had to worry about it. Someone tell me all these stories are wrong. I kinda like my babies. Don't make me cut them down.
  2. I am also in the same boat as chosen1. I have a beautiful couple of plants that are getting a mite too tall for their area. So rather than start a new thread, I'll attach my question along with chosen1's. Is it ok to top off a plant that is in flowering mode (just recently got the pistil hairs growing off a bunch of branches)? I would like to use the top I cut for a clone. Is it too late to do this?
  3. Chosen....

    If you're only in the first week of flowering, then you may not be too late to take some clones. This will stress your babies a bit.

    Another option is to allow the plant to bud out, then attempt to revegetate the plant.

    Usually, you want to take your clones toward the end of the vegetative phase.


    Don't take that top bud off until it has a nice cola on top. You'll be much happier with the results if you took a couple of growing tips from further down the plant.

    Good luck and good growing.
  4. Depending on strain,,you may be able to clone very successfully right now only,,and I mean right now!! The chutes should be elongating as you were typing,,,your running out of time...take the lower branches/chutes/tips that are easily bendable,,,cut angular with clean razor ,make cutting at least 3",and at least one node,,place quicly into cool water,,cut again under water to make sure capillary action of plant is not impaired by air.leave cuttings in cool water overnight in a dim area where it can "see" flourescent light,not direct. Then take cutting ,gently tap off excess water,dip into Shultz Takeroot or similar hormone powder,poke a hole in your moistened medium with pencil the depth of your cutting,gently place cutting in hole,,gently firm medium around stem,,mistly water medium to settle around stem,,place in a 65-80% humidity area 2" under 24hr flourescent light..lightly mist clones daily,,should root within a week or two....

    As far as revegging,yes it can be done,but,why? if you make a successful clone,,you can make it a mother for more clones..

  5. Well it seems that my worst fears have come true after all. But I'm all over it. Thanx for the advice. I'm cloning as we speak. I'm thinkin' I'll take a few. If I would have gotten on this sooner I would have taken about ten clones. As it is I think I'll only take two of three so I don't stress out the plants to much. But I guess the main thing is to keep the streak goin'. I was also thinkin' 'bout maybe changin' my light cycle back to the way it was as well as changin' my nute formula, topping the plant again and see if I can change the cycle back to veg. Then I can take as many clones as I want, get the plant healthy and bloom again later. I hate putting the plants through this but what other option do I have. Live and Learn. Thanx guys and if you think changing my cycles back is a real bad idea, let me know.
  6. I would allow it to flower,,you are going into your second week now,or are in it attention to the clones,for the next crops,at least one will take I'm sure,dont be afraid to try to clone a couple of those spindly chutes that often pop out below the canopy,,while you are flowering...

    This way you can make a clear choice to chop the budded plant,or not, for regrow,while growing it's possible replacement,...remember...clones are still the same age as their mother....

    hope your clones take....


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