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Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. Hey fellow blades..Im just wondering who has a webpage out there...? Im looking to build some traffic to get my jobber up and going strong. and I was thinking why not network with some sweeeet sweet people.
    not only that, Im pretty damn curious to who does have one, and what kind of goodness they want to share with the world!
    Id like to cruise some peoples sites, if yea got em! so share on! [​IMG]
  2. well sensi my fellow jersey buddy........i help run a hip hop site on the net as well as post here..........i would really really really appreciate if peeps checked us out and posted........were not only hip hop ya know as well.......i wouldnt mind some peeps postin in the alternative section and our lounge is quite good and crazy half the time wit some good i urge you sensi and all to check us out we could use a few more members......thanks :) :) :)

    one of these days we all gotta get up i the chat and talk to one another in the hhn chat box ha ha
  3. thnx for the feedback run this site? i only had a min or 2 to check it out tonight...but Ill be getting back to about it for ;) what, you running a board? who do you think you are superjoint...! lol ;) :smoke: nice from what I see...thnx...:)
  4. yeah i help run it wit two other kids......i helped start it up and what not and weve actually been around for a while.....yeah im an admin there and helped start that place uses a vb board thas pretty similar to this one......we have some pretty interesting features like we jus got this thing called teh chat box so like you can log in and all of us could talk.....but yeah thanks for checkin it out andi hope others might as well
  5. My nieghbor is a PIRATE.!


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