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you got 10 dollers you just smoked one u?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hydro_dank_man, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. fellow tolkers this is my question your ridding around your town and you just kicked back a few blunt's/joint's/bowl's your prefrence you got some money what are you gonna do with it?
  2. Easy, munchies.

  3. save your money for another day
  4. i cant say id do any of those. it depends on whats happening. id get food if i was hungry, maybe go to an arcade. if its nice like today in boston, id go sit in the commons and chill with music.

    i guess my best advice would be that the cigs are only gonna kill u faster, so go with one of the others.
  5. Get more green, or save for another day
  6. i'd buy some shit i don't need. like cd's. or dvd's. or stupid shit like that.
  7. id make a trip to 7-11. get a pack of ports, a bag of chips and a frawg slurpee. yummmm. :yummy:

    *i dont care if cigs kill me faster, cause now its PROVEN that Los Angeles air has particles that cause fuck it. no wonder so many people have gotten throat/lung cancer WHEN THEY DONT EVEN SMOKE! LA air sucks*
  8. food and drink then save the rest.
  9. 7-11 A Sobe, chips. hotdog
  10. PIZZA AND A 2 LITER. then save the rest
  11. Couple chillie cheese dogs, chips, water and some nachos with chillie/cheese depending on the mood :smoking:
  12. aww hellllll no man, you gotta get some food or green. i couldnt save my moeny for another day if i tried hah.
  13. save the extra, i save my money like, iduno someobdy who saves alot and like almost never spends.
  14. I'm out getting some more of that wonderful green.
  15. Get some Munchies man, it makes ur high so much greater :).... i love those pepper chips, or cheese puffs... yum

  16. I'd get my Turkish Silvers but same thought eh!

  17. everything causes cancer nowadays...i was told by one of the old people at my job that they cant have equal (the sugar substitute) b/c it causes cancer. jesus, this person is 85 years old saying that the miniscule amount of carcinogens in something they only have with their fuckin coffee could kill the time it actually would affect them they'd prob be 20 years under.....

    sorry for the rant, i just think its stupid people cut so much stuff outta their life b/c it can possibly be a tiny factor in cancer cases...

    but yea, i'd probably go with more bud or rent a movie or something
  18. I would spend it wisely, try to order something off the dollar menu at mcdonalds or any fast food restaurant, then I would save the rest to buy some more green, I decided im not spending another dollar on cigarettes, although for some reason I am smoking 2 or 3 a day still, WDF?
  19. i said i would go get some fast food

    i ALWAYS got cigars on me man, ALWAYS so that money can be for something else, maybe green depending if that last blunt/bowl/J finished my sack or not

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