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  1. So you pulled a thorn out of a magical tiger's nutsack and he says he will now grant you one wish. What would your wish be?

    I've got a dirty one.

    I would wish that if I was alone in a room with a girl (i.e. we were about to get it on) I could think of a girl, and an age, and say her name and age in my mind 10 times in a row, and the girl I was about to be with would turn into that girl in my eyes ears, and touch with 100 percent accuracy, but everything would be normal for her. Then 5 minutes after I orgasm she would return to normal. This would basically mean you could have sex with any girl you wanted to at any time.

    Second choice would be winning the powerball.

    What about you?
  2. being able to materialized anything i want, shit you could buy any chick you want with this power
  3. My one wish is to get another 1000 wishes ...
  4. can't wish for more wishes. Nor can you make a list of wishes and wish for everything on that list.
  5. A fulfilling, productive, and happy life. I don't feel like I have anything near that at the moment.
  6. I wish for a computer that will grant me any wish I type in it
  7. I'd wish for the abIlItIes of dr.manhattan (watchmen) . Basically nothing can kill or harm me if I'm shot bullets crumble. If I meet and immovable force I'd crash through it. That way I could be the explorer of space.
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    I'm digging the mind materialization power....

    I have one modification to make to it. If you can picture the object in your mind, it materializes as fully functional down to the atomic scale. And no physical or mental side effects from using such a power...

    Think about it guys, whatever you can imagine, right there. Machine that gives you superpowers? Right there. Machine that cranks out world class food? Right there. Supercar? Right there. Mansion? Right there.....

    You could solve so many problems in the world, and free yourself form the shackles of working for a living to truly make a difference with our limited time on this planet.

    That, and infinite weed, pieces, papers, etc. Just sayin....
  9. I'd wish for 1000 genies who didn't have rules about wishing for more wishes!


    Now I want a wish :(
  10. Finally a workaround to the no wishes rule.. :laughing::laughing:
  11. The ability to turn into any person
  12. The girl I've been in love with for the past 5 years now.

    She broke up with her bf of like 3 and a half years back in December and I'm in a better place in life,so perhaps my wish may become my reality soon....I hope.
  13. I wish to have a soulmate who happens to own a recreational marijuana dispensary, who would like to own a cat and an iguana (maybe a dog too(yellow lab.), plays musical instruments (also sings with "breathy" quality), and most importantly we would stay together forever.

    P.S. and she would not be a bitch or hassle me about doing stuff
  14. I want unlimited wishes of course
  15. To be able to land anything I can think of on a skateboard first try that physics will allow with as much Steeze as the whole Baker team combined.

    That's my heaven.
  16. I'd probably wish for a time machine or to become Spiderman
  17. To be really lucky
  18. Id wish for total mind control over people. To be able to make people think or do anything you want. Need some cash? Mind fuck Bill Gates into mailing you a nice fat check......
  19. Having godlike powers. Telekinesis, immortality(til i choose to die), super strength, read minds, know and see everything, flying, teleportation, anything would be possible.

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