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You get one weed related wish, what is it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EnergySausage, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Let's just say that you're delicately stroking an old mysterious lamp when all of a sudden a genie pops out and tells you that you can have one wish. Only catch is that it has to be about marijuana and nothing else. Oh and it can't be wishing for an endless supply of weed.

    Mine would be the ability to turn average quality weed into the most dank shit known to man.

    How bout you Grass City? :p
  2. To make pot plants grow exponentially fast right before my eyes
  3. ...Global legalization of cannabis?
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    Did not think of this one, very nice.
  5. Make my weed burn infinitely so I would be smoking the same bowl for the rest of my life
  6. Sorry, double post ( deleted )
  7. either world legalization, or be able to make a plant go through it's whole life in a day
  8. Turn anything into weed. Like Jesus did with water to wine, not like that guy that accidentally turned his family to gold.

  9. I'd turn my family into weed, then smoke them haha
  10. A year supply of top shelf dank of dispensary quality
  11. Decriminalization, a fancy bong, an ounce of dank. Genies always give three wishes.
  12. The ability to find any dealer in whatever location I'm in almost immediantly. (No fed but that shit would be tight.) I'd be able to go to other states/countries and get weed just like that.
  13. To have my parents let me toke inside the house and be totaly cool with it :)
  14. Unlimited supply of Fox Farm nutes.
  15. Full global legalization. I was thinking of the whole shorter growth but I really don't mind the time it takes, and that's changing nature.
  16. word! weed plants grow from seed to harvest in a week.
  17. When you have the munchies, any food/beverage your thinking about will appear in front of you.
  18. I'd say free unlimited dank!

    It's okay if I don't have papers, I'll use my hands?:smoke:

    What's that?

    My Dealer Senses Are Tingling! :smoke:
  19. Marijuana grew off every plant in the world....
  20. Mine would be to be able to light bowls with my finger.

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