You fear a world wide government?

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  1. A lot of conspiracy theorists of GC seem to go on and on how some group is aiming to "take over the world". They often say it will be done by collapsing nations on way or another, and then there will rise one government to oversee the entire world.

    That sounds like a lot of control, which sounds scary. I guess because a lot of people think they'll use their power only to rape and suppress. I dunno

    Then on the other hand, people (sometimes the SAME people) criticize the world for having countries. It only separates people and make some illusion that we're a lot different than we really are. This leads to people being unwilling to help others and people being willing to attack and hurt others simply because it's in the name of their home country.

    You drop multiple governments, you lose countries, and you become a more unified world. No disputing that, right? Thing is, that is also going to bring about a single government.

    So... to the people who seem to wanna spread the "there will be one government, that's the whole plan!1!" to every thread they can.. Why should we fear it? Why shouldn't we embrace such a form of unity? Because they wanna control? Who says (don't bother linking me to your "evidence" from ATS >.>)?

    I don't believe that if there were one government they could control the people as easily as so many claim. People will be united like they've never been before, and that alone bring out the good in people. You think after breaking away from the system we have now we'd instantly submit to a system that's even worse? Bleh...
  2. You do speak truth, but there are a few factors in my mind.

    One: Laws. The whole world would have one set of laws. You won't be able to go to Amsterdam (If weed is still illegal) and have a great time. All the laws that make countries unique will be worthless.

    Two: I feel like everyone would be the same after this. Everyone would be thinking in the same manner, wearing the same clothes. I just feel like a countries "uniqueness" would be diminished.

    Three: African tribes? Think about that one yourself

  3. I disagree. Everyone in the US isn't all the same at all. Neither in the UK or any other country that covers a large enough region to have cultural diversity between its regions. lol

  4. There's no government like no government.
  5. I don't think that we'll lose culture. It might affect some, no doubt, but there's no way around that I'm afraid. And I couldn't imagine marijuana remaining illegal haha
  6. To put it simply, in order to have one government rule over the whole world. A LOT of mofos are gonna be killed
  7. Mofos are going to be killed regardless
  8. The world government they want would not be a union of peace and love, it would be a government where the common man has very few rights. We would also be slaves to the minority, as if we aren't already.

  9. Yeah, that's worst case scenario... But why would you think it would be more likely to happen than any other scenario? I know there's a lot of uneasy feelings towards the idea of one government, but I never understood why entirely. I mean, I think it's just natural for some people to expect the worst sometimes? Some governments have been progressing in worse ways than others though, which I understand.. but I'm not entirely sure it's fair to say that a new government with a new system would continue the same route.
  10. I think there would still be multiple governments, just like the US is a union between 50 different governments. I feel like power will eventually shift and be invested in the UN. Well, at least that's what I feel is most likely, ATM.
  11. It's just a scary thought for the world to be ruled by one group.
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    I can say that it would end up badly for us 100% of time. I can say that because this is the age we live in. Lies and deceit at the government level are more common than truth. This is why everyone is freaking out about Anonymous and WikiLeaks, because they are exposing the lies. You should seriously browse the stuff on WikiLeaks you will find a lot of unsettling information.

    See the farm you've been living on and slaving for your entire life.

    All of this are just symptoms of a much bigger problem, but rest assured it'll be getting fixed soon.
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    Why should we fear it? Easy. Freedom and individuality would disappear so quickly, this will be us in 5-10 years


    You just cant control that many people without having so many things go to shit. Most nations are having trouble as it is. Local governments are best. The farther out you go, the more people are neglected, the more issues that are neglected. A single government for the world will absolutely be the end of the human race.

    Its a good theory, but just like all the others, it just cant work.
  14. Not sure it's right to compare how things are now to how they will/could be considering we're talking about making such a drastic change. Also not sure that lack of individuality is a bad thing. I mean, it sounds like it is.. but really.. look where it has gotten us. If a lack of individuality leads to us no longer thinking we're better than somebody else for trivial reasons, I'm all for it no lie. But humans crave that feeling of uniqueness, so we'll still have it I think.. maybe not to the extent we have now, but like I said that may not be a bad thing.

    Freedom though? I don't know
  15. You've heard of the Tower of Babel, right?

  16. Freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom, think about that.

    The freedoms we have are not freedoms at all, we're nothing more than hamsters in a cage. Sure we have everything need, sure some of might even be happy. The cage is all that we know and all that we're taught so we don't question or ask for more.

    True freedom is no government, no cage, at all.
  17. tell me how a world without any gov would work?
  18. I knew this question would be coming, you're still so enslaved that you can't even fathom a world without people telling you what to do.

    Well, I'll tell you right now it wouldn't work, humans are too greedy and that is why we are in this situation in the first place. However after a major shift consciousness it will work just fine.
  19. Very well if we could evolve to that point. Anarchy is the purest form of government. It is self-government.
  20. And I guess you need to ask, is absolute freedom worth it? Humans don't want to be free and we all know it, at least not entirely free. We want protection. If I have to give up a little freedom to know that people can't freely come into my home to kill me and take what they want, I'm down.

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