You Ever Liked Someone Lot Older Than You?

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  1. Lol this sucks..
  2. But in all seriousness...... 25 years +
  3. nah man. no old women. young 30's is ok for me.
  4. Yeah i like older men. Especially when i was younger, but I've calmed down a bit. 36 is the oldest I'll talk to now and I'm 22.
  5. When i was 17, i went out with a 19 year old girl in college. Belieeeeee DAT
  6. Older men aren't appealing to me. My max age of attraction is 30, and that's only if I can tell how old they are by looking.
    I'm just not into older men, I want to fully enjoy youth while I can, then appreciate my age when I come into it.
  7. is it just me or that GC seemed to have died down after the update? Or it might be because the GC app isnt working anymore 
  8. Have I ever not liked anyone older than me?
  9. get that milf pussy, boy
  11. yes i'm like infatuated with this 30 year old that works at a hookah place i go to. hes only 10 years older, its casual
  12. every single one of my teachers throughout school that was a woman was hot as fuck, however i also live in a very conservative place so that is alot more then just illegal and frowned upon, probably be vilified by the whole community. 
  13. I've had milf pussy before. an 18 year old who's a teen mom :) ahaha my manager is fine as fuck though. I'm not sure how old she is, probably late 20's, early 30's. i'm 18 myself and if I could pull her, I definately would. today was my first day of work and it's going to be an interesting summer haha
  14. yeah there's this sexy ass delivery girl at the pizza shop I work at and I know she blazes. I am going to ask her if she would like to smoke a blunt with me soon
  15. I've done 8yrs older and now my BF is 4yrs older. Not much of a difference.
  16. Im 22 and I had a fuck buddy who was 34 and just turned 35. He could put it the fuck down. He had me wondering if I should start being into older dudes because.. wow.

    He still hits me up but he doesn't like to use condoms so it's definitely been a no go for a while.
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    i've always liked guys that were older than me but never more than maybe 8-10 years. guys my age aren't always at the greatest maturity level. 
  18. Oldest I've ever been with was 31 when I was 21.
    I'm 29 now, and I still think 10 years is legit.
    My parents are 22 years older than me, so dating someone 25 years older than me would be like dating someone older than my dad.
    That's just fuckin' weird.
    But if it works for you, I do't think there's a problem.

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