you ever just look at a bong and admire the craftsmenship?

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  1. I blazed a few bong packs a lil while ago and after I was done smoking I just was like staring at my bong, admiring the craftsmenship. They really are artwork. I just love to look at different bongs and rip them. It's amazing how people are skilled enough to make such beautiful things. I overall just really love bong's:smoking:
  2. i want to make them so bad.
    i can't wait to apprentice to a glassblower.
  3. I do the same, bongs are my favorite to toke out of. They really are amazing artwork:smoking:
  4. they sure are amazing
    definitely amazing
  5. I enjoy the smoking process as much as the high. Nothin like rippin a nice tube.
  6. The perc on my bong vexes me when I'm really zooted, how can they make something so precise and intricate inside a tube? :bongin:
  7. Everytime I take a rip off of a bong I admire the craftsmanship. I love all glass blown pieces.:smoking:
  8. i am the same way. i love the artwork in bongs because it is just such an amazing process that goes into making them. truly a talent and a great skill to have.
  9. I feel the same way about bongs.
    When I see a really unique or quality piece in a shop I just state forever, I like to admire my own pieces too. I love all glass
  10. Bongs look amazing when done right. I love my ADS.
  11. Ah, yes. Craftsman ship. As the injection molding machine warms up...both sides of the mold are gently pressed together. Then the "craftsman" presses a big red button that shoots hot plastic in to the carefully placed mold. And what emerges, the finished product.

    Yeah, i have an acrylic bong. Also, that sonded funnier in my head. Haha.

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