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  1. You ever listen to a song you used to listen to a lot a while back but haven't listened to for a while? Then all of a sudden your back in the same mindframe and zone you were when you used to listen to the song? Its hard to explain but some songs just take me back and its crazy how my mind completely changes and makes me feel like years ago.
  2. There are some songs that I only listen to when I'm high, and then if I ever happen to listen to the songs when I'm sober, the high kinda comes back.. haha.
  3. dude, yes, i visited paris when i was a kid, and listened to drive by incubus almost every day. Now whenever I listen to it I can close my eyes and Im right back in Paris.
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    YES, very much so.... This is the only example I can think of right now, but I used to listen to green day a lot, and the song holiday makes me think of when i was in massachusets for vacation... I'd just found the song and was convinced it was the most amazing song ever written... (not that it's horrible, or not nearly as horrible as the rest of american idiot)
  5. Yeah man, it happens a lot when I listen to music I used to be really into.

    I get some definite nostalgic feelings depending on the band/songs.
  6. Yeah I love that, some weird form of nostalgia. The music I used to listen to in my blissful days of no worries brings back that same feeling, even though I barely like the music anymore.

  7. For sure man. On occasion at the clubs out here ill hear a song they played 8937983475 times in Acapulco and it brings me right back.

  8. holy shit, yeah that happens to me like crazy. Usually when I go on vacation, I'll listen to 1 album alot, and when I listen to it months later, I totally start picturing the place I was in and almost go back to that mood and shit. It's awesome but it always makes me want to go back to those places lol

  9. Absolutely.
  10. yeah i feel like certain powerful events or emotions i feel at a certain time while listening to a certain song scar the song with that memory. for instance, i know that as i soon as i listen to coming back to life by pink floyd, i will instantly think of only one person, and it will last for days...even if i don't want it to.

    also, there are studies that prove this. that's why if you study for exams, etc, while listening to music, you are supposed to take the exam listening to the same music since it can help bring back the information. that's a really basic and terrible explanation...
  11. The first time I really listened to The Doors I was fucked up on coke.

    Same with the Grateful Dead. I got into them during my coke phase.

    Now whenever I hear "drivin' that train, high on cocaine", i can picture drivin' in my car, high on cocaine. But that doesn't rhyme, so it's not as cool.


    I think I was going somewhere with this but then I started talking about cocaine...

  12. For sure. It's mostly good, but it could also be a bad thing. Like taking you back to a place you don't wanna go, lol.

    And that is dope about the Incubus song. I think Morning View and Make Yourself both definitely have that effect on me and take me places.

    "Imagine A Different Pattern/ Where Music Was All That Mattered/
    Opinions Were Just Opinions/ And People Respected That If/

    That's What It Takes To Make It/ Just Open Up And Then Take It/
    Cause Music Is My Escape/ And I Use It To Take Me Places/"
  13. My whole life i've been very musicaly inclined, and I think there is music or a song for every moment in our life time.

    Tell you what, those song that make you go back to that place where you dont want to be frekin blows...

    One of my "in the zone" songs though is Shook ones by mobb deep... bring me bak to the good days= )

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