You ever get the feeling...?

Discussion in 'General' started by boobsaregreat, May 27, 2009.

  1. Maybe I'm one of the unlucky 13% and going crazy (or i'm just baked) but I feel like a lot of the people that post anti-weed stuff on here are cops or people doing studies about bud. Like they'll post something about weed like, "this journal says you will get explosive diarrhea after smoking a bomb ass joint". then they see how everyone responds and they'll go and post a journal saying, "all the pot heads would still smoke their bomb ass weed even if they got the screaming squirts."

    anyone follow that cause i didn't
  2. I kind of always thought it was people trying to change our minds. Like, they will make something up or find some obscure study and think to themselves "This will get people to stop!".
  3. Yeah dude! that's exactly what i'm saying
  4. So we are either both going insane or there is a conspiracy going on...hrmmm...
  5. Probably going crazy :smoking:

  6. makes sence to me i have yet to see one of these threads but i have wondered why anti pot people dont just get on here and try to get us to stop smoking cuz those people always think that they will be able to convert the pot heads
  7. You know I was like that before I tried it.

    Trust me most people going against it are the most umm.. anxious? eager? to try it.

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