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  1. Blunkett Hits Back As UN Blasts His Move To Downgrade Cannabis

    David Blunkett hit back at critics last night after they accused him of misleading youngsters with his new measures on cannabis.

    A UN report claims the Home Secretary's decision to reclassify cannabis as a Class C drug could lead to it becoming as widely used as tobacco.

    Hamid Ghodse, of the International Narcotics Control Board ( INCB ), said: "Youngsters are confused. On one hand, you tell them not to use ecstasy because it is dangerous. On the other, you're not doing anything about cannabis."

    But Mr Blunkett has stressed he is not decriminalising cannabis. Users still face fines and jail.

    And Home Office spokesman said: "We do not accept that the decision to reclassify will lead to confusion. Reclassification, based on scientific evidence, does not legalise cannabis.

    "It does make clearer the distinction between cannabis and Class A drugs like heroin, crack and cocaine."

    The UN report said cannabis was "not a harmless drug" and could lead to disease of the brain, heart and lungs.

    But British drugs charity DrugScope called the UN report "misleading" and "dubious". Boss Roger Howard said: "The credibility of the INCB is thrown into doubt when its criticism of the UK Government's sensible proposal to reclassify cannabis is based on dubious science and misleading conclusions." Independent experts have backed Mr Blunkett's decision, he added.

    Cannabis will move from a Class B to a Class C drug in the summer. People in possession of small amounts will be arrested only in exceptional cases.

    Philip Emafo, president of the INCB, fears it will undermine worldwide efforts to fight cannabis and could lead to increased cultivation in the Third World.

    He said: "It is important consensus prevails in international drug control. No government should take unilateral measures without considering the impact of its actions."

    "It's quite worrying that we might end up in the next 10 or 20 years with our psychiatric hospitals filled with people who have problems with cannabis."

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