"you don't look for acid. acid finds you"

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  1. there would be a lot of little kids doing acid haha.
  2. A near death experience finds you.
  3. Fuck no.

    For a lot of people this is true just because you need decent connections to get acid usually, and because most people take drugs without knowing jack shit about them.

    However, I personally am quite sure I'm much readier to take acid than ALMOST anyone is for a first time, in fact this was true of acid and a host of other drugs before I took any, even weed. One by one, as I've taken the psychedelics, they've done pretty much what I expected. Not downplaying them or anything, because I went in with very high expectations. (Well shrooms sucked, but I only took a G)

    And even so, I can't for the life of me find it.
  4. i dont believe in this...it doesnt make a difference really, in the end your still gonna end up eating acid.
  5. Nah, shrooms just kind of suck. And for some reason no matter how many times I do them, no matter what I feel when I do them or where I am, I always become convinced I've become some sort of mythical woodland creature at some point. An elf or sprite or gremlin of some sort. That's all well and good once but it gets pretty tired after a while.

    It would seem logical to me that only mythical woodland creatures eat magical mushrooms.
  6. i dont know, for me shrooms are different every time. every trip for me is different, it just depends on whats going on in your mind at the time. and he definitely needs like a 3.5 to have a bomb ass shroom trip.
  7. I totally agree with you on the dose, and I'm not really sure why shrooms always seem the same to me. I think when I do shrooms immediately before I do them I always think about the previous trip and that sort of puts specific thoughts in my brain at least temporarily. The nausea definitely sucks though.
  8. I believe this for sure. The first time I found out about DMT was online and I was so amazed and curious so I researched it and found out all I could. The next day I go to school and I'm talking to a buddy of mine I had known for years already at this point and I forget what we were talking about but all of the sudden without warning he goes, "man I have a vile of this shit called DMT in my car." I just looked at him and go "...are you serious?...let's do that shit at lunch" (we were at school at the time) He agreed and we did lol. Then this past week was the anniversary of when I first took shrooms. I wanted to trip again on the same day just a celebration of my awakening. I usually never had a problem finding shrooms, until then. I was looking and looking and all anyone would say is, "nah but I have some bomb doses." I was barely interested as I did not know my mental state was strong to handle acid at this point in time, but the idea stuck with me. Two days later I was still considering it but had almost decided better of it until a friend of mine comes over to smoke and says he's on four hits and has some. At this point I definitely felt I had to do it regardless of the anxiety. Turned out to be one of my the most amazing experiences of my life. So just personally from my experience, I think it finds you in the sense of what you want to do subconsciously.
  9. the easier you can find it, the easier cops can find it

    itll find you most of the time, u might get lucky once in a while at a fest or sumthin, but the best stuff always finds you
  10. All summer, I have been trying to find acid. The first day of school, Im washing my hands in the bathroom and this kid is like, do you want to buy some acid.:) Im like hell yeah. But he got suspended for 10 days, and I need to wait like another 5 or so.
  11. i go more with the philosophy that you should just wait till you really want to do it or when it feels like a really good time. and usually when im not expecting to trip and i come across some and it feels like a great idea is when i have the very best trips.

    sometimes its bad to try and push too hard to find something to trip on or push too hard to try to have a cool ass trip, just let it flow
  12. Acid is a life-changing experience, akin to getting your driver's license, or having your first success with sex.

    For the aforementioned; I had to get them myself, nobody helped me parallel park between the orange cones in the 11'th grade, or put that gangly woman up against the wall behind the ferris wheel in high school, it was something I had to do myself.

    Humans only get a few moments in life when they are completely in awe, unable to describe the situation they are in, and I firmly believe those moments don't come to everyone, especially those lying in wait for them.
  13. go to a phish show and plenty of drugs will find you. Or the guy sellin them at least

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