"you don't look for acid. acid finds you"

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  1. a lot of people say this. that you shouldn't go looking for acid or dmt or anything, but that when "you're ready", the drug will find it's way into your hands.

    i don't necessarily believe this. do you?
  2. I had the craziest fucking night of my life lastnigh/thismorning. I ended up taking a hit of some bomb ass lsd while fucked up off of ambien and alcohol.At 10PM. i have been up since then and i had the craziest trip. i honestly think i was like almost blacked out from the alchohol and ambien combination. damn what a crazy night. i had crazy ass visualis. AND my dog was tripping! i swear to god, she was with me and i think like the LSD waves traveld to her.
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  4. Lol...please teach me this art.
  5. Sometimes things you want show up when you least expect it.
  6. Spaz does, to a degree. I tend to agree more that it comes back to you when ya least expect it, always has for me. I could spend a week straight searching for LSD, and there's always a reason behind why I didn't find it sooner... Shit works in mysterious ways, ya know?
  7. I dunno, I havent found it yet or it hasnt found me yet.:(
  8. your dog wasnt trippin
    but was excited b/c you were acting completely different
    more fun
    more loopy
    more jump aroundy
    more playful
    more loving

    probably tried imitating you in some aspects
    my dog definitely knew i was acting different the other day when i was trippin with this girl

    he's so old, and hasnt played around in forever
    when i tripped, he was running around, and "dancing" and rollin around and everything
    it was so cute

    btw, that phrase just means, that most ppl that are looking for it, are looking for it for the wrong reasons
    by the time you are ready for it, you have probably already given up

    thats how it worked for me
    i wanted a trip (like tv, but in my head)
    when it finally found me i learned that it was much different than that

    btw, i definitely found it, not the other way around
  9. I use to think it was bullshit...but one day a girl said..."I can get acid six a tab you want?".....No looking no hunting or seraching....and my freind just sent me dmt in the mail I opened it there was a note that said get a freebase pipe...So every psychidelidc drug ive found actually kinda found me.
  10. yes i believe this...

    my guy that sells me acid calls me at the most random times and asks me if i want some doses. So ofcourse i always say YES!! and buy as many as possible.

    then when i want to buy more, i call him back in a couple days asking if he can still get doses and sure enough...he cant.....so i just wait till i get that special phonecall again

  11. haha hell ya at rothbury that shit hunted me down
  12. In a way yea I kind of belive it.

    The only two times Ive really ever been offered lsd, where when I had no intrest in it. now that i want it i cant find it at all.
  13. Yea, most of the time I get LSD is when someone calls me up and offers me some. Or I'm at some sort of show where it's everywhere...
  14. I actually JUST found a connect for lsd. She got it off a kid who is going to jail but wanted to get rid of his drugs before he went.

    I'm getting them monday, 15 a tab for some rising sun blotters. I'm pumped haha if they're good i'm gunna buy out her whole collection. Not sure if i want to save them or just save some and sell some haha.
  15. I think it's true to an extent. The first time I ever tripped, it found me. Start of my freshman year in college and I had gone to a summer type pre-college thing for a couple of months and made some great friends. We partied a lot and I had expressed to a friend that I had experienced almost everything but really wanted to try acid. The town we were in was small and finding any was not going to happen. The end of our Summer school came around and I returned home for a month before heading back to start full time.

    When I went back I arrived a week early. I had to because of family issues that required me to go back early. Ironically, my friend to which I had shared my profound interest in LSD had also come back a week early. He found me, came to my dorm room, sat me down and produced an envelope. He gave me the envelope and inside there was at least a half sheet of doses. :eek:

    So yes... acid does sometimes find you. And boy was I ready! :D
  16. yes but not with acid, PCP.
  17. Bull shit!,if thats true than i was "ready" when i was 10,because i ate shrooms when i was 10 with my big bro and fuckin had a bad experience,i thought i was gonna die lol
  18. Well, I just asked a pretty good acquaintance -- so I looked for it, and now it's gonna find me :p
  19. What if some finds its way into your hands but you're not ready for it because your usual trip mate moved away and now a few nice doses are just quietly locked away waiting for the right time and company and being a constant solo trip temptation?

  20. it found me, i never even thought id ever try it or even see it in my life. then one day, it just was there, and didnt go away for a few months. cant find it at all anymore though.

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