You don't know who your friends are.

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  1. I just went through the most bullshit ever, I will start from the beginning though.

    I was recently looking for bud, my best dealer stopped completely, so I was just looking for whoever. I started around school, talking to friends and seeing what's up. After about a week of searching I got someone that could hook me up today. I was good friends with this guy, we were in same classes in highschool and so I was thinking yea I can trust him.

    So I go to pick up one of his friends and he says he got someone that has bud. I go get another one of my friends who wants to throw in and get a quarter, I was looking for a half. Now there are three of us in this car, we go two counties over from mine in search of bud. (the first guy I picked up said he knows someone) I drop him off, he runs in, I go to the gas station and fill up my car.

    I go back out front of the house, he runs to the car saying the guy wasn't there but he knows someone else. I knew something was up, cause the guy told us to go right back to the place where we picked him up. He had 50 of my dollars and 40 of my friends(the kid claimed to have some nice dank he could get for 15 so my friend threw in another 15), we meet up with 5 other kids there, 1 big black guy and a couple scrawny white guys. (one of them was the friend I had a class with)

    By now I am just wanting my bud, we have been out for an hour and a half so ask how long it will take. After sitting with these guys I start to realise the big black guy isn't as threatening as you would think, and the other white guys I could take on my own. This guy calls up someone and says that he will get us the buds and it shouldn't take long. I am starting to get antsy cause I am thinking he is going to jack me, I had the ride he needed we could go anywhere.

    So he started calling up all kinds of people, I guess to get them around so we would be less likely to take any money, I am not sure. I ask him for my 50 back and my friends 40. He is like "nah man I am getting what you need, I got it bruh it's fine." So I am just thinking I have been out for almost 2 hours, I just want my money back I will call someone else up.

    The black guy is being stupid trying to keep my away from the dealer, and so are the white kids. My friend is just sitting back smoking a cig. I keep telling him I need my money, I am tired of the bullshit and I will go get from someone else. He said ok and gave me back 40 of my 50, and still has my friend's 40.

    So my friend said I am not leaving till I get my money, we all get in my car. (the kid claims he could get the bud we needed) So I take my friend to his house, they all got in his car, and I just said "ok, I gotta go just give me the 10 worth in bud."

    My friend ends up getting his money back but I never got my 10, I know my friend had to have been in on it, and all this is just bullshit. I am pissed off, and don't know what to do. I am thinking about throwing a brick through his window, or something but he lives with his parents still so I don't want to damage their property.

    I know it was a long post but damn it pisses me off. I am thinking about quiting looking for weed just because of this, it seems every drug dealer is out to make a quick extra bit of cash. At least I got my 40/50 bucks back, it was a lot harder than it sounded, the black guy was talking about getting a gun, and "locking and loading".

    Anyone got any idea what I should do to get him back? Anything?

    You really don't know who your friends are, and you can't trust anyone. I know I only lost 10 bucks but just the fact that I didn't notice the signs of how he was going to con us.
  2. This is why I make my pick ups alone. The more people (especially those you don't know) you involve in something like this the sketchier and more convoluted it is going to become.

    I've had to give up looking for weed altogether because two of my three connects have dried up and the third is far too sketchy. As for what to do now, take your lesson and move on. Its the only thing to do.

    Punks will tell you to get the fucker or fuckers back but revenge fantasies seldom work out in reality and they will only create a bigger problem than 10 bucks gone.
  3. I'm pretty sure you'll hear this tons but never front money
  4. Honestly I always thought over and over I am never fronting money. However I was the only ride this guy had so he couldn't get anywhere without me, but when he said we were going back to the place we got him I started wondering. I still trusted him but yea, it fucking sucked cock. He will probably be talking shit at school on monday about how I'm a pussy and he ripped me off which is the only thing I am really worried about.

    Fuck this kid, I wish I could get in a ring with him one on one no one else and no rules. He is a skinny little punk that would get fucked up.
  5. Well, here is my take on this. For $10, IMO it was a small price to pay to learn this kid is a real POS. He could have gotten you for more. As for the big guy saying "locking and loading" he was not shit. I would punched him str8 in the mouth and said lock and load this bitch. I know the hood, grew up in the hood, anyone real with a gun would have cocked it and had it pressed against your head taking all your, so he was just a punk trying to imtimidate you.

    Honestly, let the $10 go, let him go, friends like that are not worth your time and the risk of hurting your future.

    $10 is a small price to pay for a lifelong lesson which is priceless.
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    Yea, I kinda accepted it as a stupid tax. Atleast I got my 40 bucks back, I took the kid off my contacts list and blocked him on all social networking. Douches like that always get what they deserve one way or another.
  7. Dude....he was right fucking hard is it to get your money back. Christ, shoulda taught the mother fucker that it ain't a fucking game, man.
  8. 5-2 people, and for 10 bucks is it worth it? Not to me, no.
  9. If they do not have the weed on them, give them no money! Stop fucking with middle men! If they wanna be like, I need to go get it, be like fuck that go get it with your cash, and keep yours in your pocket till you see some bud!
  10. Yes but one well placed headbutt on the end of your friends nose would have evened up the odds a little :)


    Great lesson in life for only $10, I would consider yourself educated mofo :p
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    I was thinking this but we were originally in the car on the way to someone's house so I gave him the money when we pulled into the one guy's driveway. I didn't wanna be like well you didn't get anything so give me my money back 'cause I didn't want him to be like "uhh wtf man I am not gonna rip you". I just wasn't smart about it.

    EDIT: this post was direct towards madmike420.
  12. your boy didnt jap you , idiot, who in their right mind would waste 2 hours for 10 dollars?

  13. Apparently yall just knew each other. Wanna hear how a friend works? I got one bringin me an 8th right now since I'm dry..for free.

    That's a friend..not that dude in your class
  14. wait on solid connects. when you get a plug you know nothing about i wouldnt expect anyless than this happening. it sucks. just learn.
  15. Yea, I know now he isn't a true friend.

  16. :hello:Hit the nail on the head dude!

  17. dude, awesome friends!

    and op, you should go kick his ass, that's what i would do

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