You can't do this to me in the morning..

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    I woke up this morning and went to pee. So I went back into bed and I was like hey I'll cuddle my boyfriend for a little and go back to sleep..

    Except... it wasn't my boyfriend.. there was no long hair. In fact, it looked as though he had a hood over his head. But then I thought- aha, it is shaven. So I automatically thought it was his autistic brother D who had climbed in bed with me last night. I lifted up the covers.. and it wasn't D.. it was skinny, and D is fat.. like fat fat. And he was cuddling me last night.

    Then my boyfriend woke up and joked about he shaved his head.. I was like you can't do this to me.. I seriously thought it was your brother.
    He thought it was funny. You can't go makin changes like that after I've gone to bed and am clueless of the real world!!!

    edit: mind you he has had long hair for the years i've known him.. so it kinda was bugging me out..

    js- scared the shit out of me for like 5 minutes. I'm still not even sure if it's real or not. I'm gonna go look to make sure his hair is still gone.
  2. tomorrow night you should shave your head while he is asleep
  3. Omfg... that would be hilarious. But I'm a girl and I love my hair. And I think i'd cry for months for one joke. But i think that would fuck him up more than it did me... *conspires about getting a bald cap*

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