You Can Say Goodbye to Cannabis Legalization

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  1. Scott Brown winning the Massachusetts election is the death knell for progressive politics. Because the Democrats sat on their asses and fumbled the election, the bastion of liberalism which is Massachusetts, has been compromised. The Teabagger Movement is gaining ground in this country and California is next.

    The Democrats are losing their majority state by state. We will see the defeat of Legalization bills and repeals of Medical Marijuana bills ALREADY IN PLACE when the Republicans gain the majority again.

    If you don't believe me, look at Michigan. And. It's only going to get worse.

    Chuck Devore who is running in the GOP Primary is already being billed as the Scott Brown of California. The Teabaggers are gaining ground throughout the country. If they keep winning seats we can say goodbye to any thoughts of legalization and Medical Marijuana will be a thing of the past.

    You can either sit on your ass and smoke dope all day or you can get involved and stop this travesty from happening. Or. We'll be back to the days of LEO's raiding dispensaries and jailing sick people. Come on people. It's time to get active.

    Everyone thought the Teabagger Movement was a joke. No one is laughing now. They are a serious threat to progressive politics.
  2. I'm pretty sure this doesn't effect the ballot initiatives in California.
  3. I'm racking my brain and I'm quite confident that the strong majority of major marijuana policy changes at the city and state levels across the country have come from voter initiatives. Fk the teabaggers, its about informing the public.
  4. I highly doubt a teeny tiny state (no offense) would influence a state where the majority of Californians approve of marijuana. Unless states starts falling one by one, this is not really that significant. Its just one election.
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    To be honest, the possibility of a Republican upswing is strong and is a very scary prospect. That being said, the elections are not for almost 10 more months. That's a massive amount of time in politics and ANYTHING can happen to effect voter opinions in that time. That being said, democrats need to figure out a plan, and fast, and we need the ambition that was shown in 2008 times 10.

    That being said, fuck congress and the senate, to put it bluntly. Legalizing marijuana is going to be in our hands. In California and Washington among others, the majority of people want legalization, whether the governor and house is republican or not, if the people vote for the initiative it will come into law. Even if the Republicans take over the House and/or Senate (it's very unlikely they'll take both, and if they take either it will be by a small majority), Obama will still have a large amount of say in whether he will push federal or state law. Obama has had his share of disappointments but I think as with medical marijuana he will side with state law. If he wants a chance of getting re-elected it would be the only logical route. If he loses the liberal/progressive vote, he's out. He's pissed us off enough.

    All of this being said, I think this issue is becoming more and more bi-partisan as polls have shown. Obviously democrats are far more likely to support it, but republican support is getting pretty high as well compared to what it was before. Remember, although he's not a typical Republican it was California’s Republican governor that first brought the possibility of California legalizing it into the public's eye.
  6. Really? So you have no clue regarding the events taking place in Michigan?

    This is just the tip of the iceberg and we are the Titanic.
  7. While it's sad that Ted Kennedy's seat has been lost to the GOP, I personally did not vote at all in this election because of the fact that Coakley as Attorney General opposed question 2 and subverted the will of the voters by submitting guidelines to the cities and towns to enact 300 dollar fines in addition to the 100 dollar fine voted on by the voters. Scott Brown is just as bad introducing an anti-marijuana bill after the passage of question 2.:mad:
  8. The good news is that he is only in office for two years and then has to be re-elected. A lot can be done in two years. I just hope the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts wake up before it's too late. He is bad for Massachusetts and he is bad for this country.
  9. fixed.

    And also, this has no bearing on almost all of the legalization legislation being proposed right now (California, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, etc...)
  10. I gotta be honest guys, while I am a die-hard marijuana proponent, I dont think the liberal fiscal agenda is good for the country. In fact, it might just sink the country. Do you know why scott brown won? Because the independent majority decided it was fed up with Obama and the Liberal legislature running roughshod over the will of the people and cutting backroom deals to force through legislature that the people oppose by nearly a 70%-30% majority. The people of Massachusetts are still overwhelmingly liberal on most policies, but they realized that they were between a rock and a hard place. With a 60 seat majority the House is filibuster proof and would most likely have passed health care legislation despite overwhelming public dissent over it. Massachusetts needed to break the 60 seat majority in order to prevent the horrendous Obama HC plan......

    The Tea-Baggers, as you have lovingly referred to them, is a group of people who have realized that current federal debt leaves every citizen $40,000 in debt, that current un-funded social security and medicare/medicaid leave each citizen just over $300,000 in debt and that if we dont get government spending under control, the US government will implode. They are dedicated to spreading the message of small federal government, states rights, and low spending.

    They are against republican spending, liberal spending, gross military overspending, earmarks, backroom deals, bribery, lobbyists etc.

    To be honest, the "tea-baggers" might be our greatest hope at legalization as well as actually having a country that's still around in 50 years.... The federal government is our main inhibitor when it comes to marijuana legalization, if the tea-party movement gets it's way, we will see a huge upswing in states rights and a huge downswing in the corruption that occurs on a federal level.

    I see so many one issue voters these days that it makes me sick. While I realize that marijuana prohibition is a legitimate issue, some of you guys really need to pull your heads out of your asses and realize that there are so many more important issues that need to be focused on in the present.

    Once we fix the problem of our corrupt, centralized federal government, we will be able to fix cannabis prohibition state by state.
  11. Sure it won't help you in your state of MA but it won't do shit to California etc.
  12. Apparently you have strong feelings as do many of us who as you say "have our heads up your asses." You seem to think that state goverments are free from corruption, which is totally false. try reading the papers once in a while and see how many local politicians are either corrupt or inept. The problem as I see it is the wealthy control this country as evidenced by the amount of moneys poured into the coffers of our elected officials. The wealthy and corporate interest control the media, There is even a Republican media news outlet (FOX) that is foriegn controlled that blatantly distorts the truth in order to further the agenda of the rich and powerful powerful.
  13. I can't stand people that only think two parties exist in this country. :mad:
  14. Remember, one of the greatest and most influential conservative of the last 50 years, William F.
    Buckley advocated the complete legalization of cannabis and the National Review (created by WFB) continues to support legalization. Have more respect for your conservative:smoking: friends.
  15. Not on this board. You mention conservative, and an image of Dick Cheney raping a baby seal pops in everyones' heads.

  16. Thats becaus eso many people learn politics from TV that they dont even know what a TRUE conservative IS. :D

    Not to mention the only conservatives they show on TV are bible thumping, abortion hating, rednecks.

    Its a joke.

    What has happened to the republican party?
  17. They're actually making a comeback in lieu of the left's foot-shooting party.

  18. LOL yeah! U actually derailed my thinkin with yer first post. I meant to actually say that.

    Its hilarious how people are voting R now because of this ridiculous socialized medicine BS.

    It so funny how EVERYONE was for socialized medicine when Michael Moore made his BULLSHIT movie about it. Now that people realize everything that is involved they have changed their minds. Funny what FACTS do to someones opinion. :D

    I am 27 years old. I have not been to the doctor or hospital in 6 years. Before that it was like 4 years . So I have seen a doctor ONE time in 10 years. Why the fuck should I be REQUIRED to get health care. Thats bullshit.
  19. because your gonna walk out your front door slip break your leg not be able to work to pay off those hospital bills you have then you will join the homeless that were injured couldn't afford it because they had no insurance and now are alcoholic drug addicts...

  20. I am a salesman. I sell tools over the phone. I can work with a broken leg.

    Try again. :D

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