you can rest assured one more viscious mean rabid killing kind of deer

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. has been shot and killed sucessfully in our area by my manly man hunting boys. yea :rolleyes:
    since the big guy finally shot a deer i get to go tomorow wish me luck!!!!!! may the good lord bless me with a bigger deer than him (or at the very least mr. smokinokie sir could you conjour somthing for me?) anyhow a few hours without hearing MOM!MOMMMM!!!MOMMMMMM!!! might be mighty fuckin nice.
    i hope i do shoot somthing, the mood im in id mow down BAMBI
  2. Congrads on the deer. I'm sending good karma your way on your kill. May it be the biggest one of all. Good luck Highawatha.

    Please don't kill bambie!
  3. i feel the vibes doesnt have to be a monster...just bigger than his.
    not that id ever gloat :)
    p,s vibes are kinda nice
  4. not that i could,....really, bud id really neve do such a thing.
  5. The biggest in your area!
    I have seen you come close to gloating, but you stopped just in time!
    You will kill one at least twice the size of his. Even if you don't you can always change the subject to something else when he starts talking about it!

    If that doesn't work, Then flop the boobs out and ask him who got the bigger ones now!
  6. And the dog has that look in his eye again!

    Good luck babe! I see an Ohio state record in your future! When your done up there, c'mon down and wipe out some these pothead, plant killing, underweight, cows with antlers they call deer around here. I'd take them out myself but I just don't have the energy to sneak out in wee morning hours, make the kill and dress it, butcher it and put in cellophane wrappers and then put it Wal Mart sacks and pretend like it's beef so my women will eat it!

    BTW, did you know that vegitarian is an old indian word?
    It means, BAD SHOT!

    Let us know how it goes!
  7. iiiiim soo excited. i know what you mean okie bout uh, yea its beef allright. mistake this year was letting the children seee the skinned deal. noway jose' dadddy we always hated deer. personally thats what he gets for letting my little sweet girl play with the feet.? kinda wierd if you ask me. but hell they wont eat the stuff now....anyhow i have myself special cookies and more than i should. so basically i hope i dont get stomped on or while im napping.
    pray for me boys :)
    oooooh im so happy
    gwd what a freakin moodmyster highya is
    and damn she talks to herself allot
  8. Good luck sweetie and don't fall out of any trees.

    Special cookies and valium on a hunting trip. Sounds like a safe hunting course is in someone's future.

  9. your never going to believe in a MILLION years what hubby sure didnt... mr. puff safty course, psshhaw :) i stayed out of the trees for the very reason of my relaxed state,hehe (ill take the class with my kid before he can obtain a liscence off of landowners.) anyhow- (kinda what my whole little trip to the back back acres relaxin....(for the love of gwd 20 some acres away i can still hear my children Fighting!!!! anyhow it waas wonderful for fucking 15 minutes and for no reason at all my husbands bow sitting quietly on my l;ap jumped to life and the limbs snapped...i never even touched it to take the safty off or anything he cocked it and i left it just that way and sat it on my lap...and BOOM SNAP this sucks! he says it defies nature for it to have happened that way...fuck,fuck,fuck...
    lol... its what i get for looking forward to somthing :)
    so there it waz 20 minutes max and i never did stop hearing them KIDS!!!!!!!
    um, muzzleloading will be a different story, i hope.... lol

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