you can make a forum without trolls.

Discussion in 'General' started by Relted, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. The problem with trolls is they really aren't breaking a rule. If the don't spam or flame and its in the right section, they get away w it. So I propose we start a forum where all members can hand out infractions and if a person recieves too many in a short period or too many in general and are banned and only unbanned if a mod sees it fit.
  2. You can start a forum like that if you want. I'm not a big fan of mob rule.
  3. I really like thumbing up & down and hiding posts w/ a lot of thumb-downs.
  4. Honestly grasscity is by far the most untrollable forum I've ever been to. Yeah there's a couple trolls but I either get a. entertainment out of them or b. they get banned.

    If you wanna see trolls go to Community Forums - ESPN and sort by "trending" and look at all the off-topic threads lol
  5. I've seen forums with less trolls but they were nowhere near the size of gc and it was a dart frog form so who wants to troll that
  6. Where is it I'll go troll that mafakkah.
  7. [​IMG]

  8. if you want to troll them talk about mixing dartfrog species and cross breeding
  9. I don't really mind trolls. I like to joke around for shits and giggles once in a while (especially if i'm high) too, so I guess by definition i'm a troll as well. It's just a name and trolling is fun sometimes. I don't troll on these forums tho. Dont post much either cuz I only go on GC on my PS3 which has no keyboard.

  10. It depends on the troll some are funny but some just piss you off like if someone came here and started saying fuck weed it kills you and I hare weed and I hate stoners
  11. That's the way GC used to be. everyone could -rep. now only certain people can. this is because people abused it. it became an attraction to trolls to see how fast they could get max neg rep and get banned. what we SHOULD do is instead of feeding the trolls, which ill admit i do sometimes, we should just report anything we think is trolling and bring the mods attention to it. i try to report stuff but i dont wanna be a pain in the ass, especially if i turn out to be wrong.

  12. I just had an idea what if all people with a certen rep/post count have some mod powers
  13. where everyone can hand out an infraction? lolwut? someone has clearly never ran a forum before
  14. Most people are pretty chill if you ask me.

  15. Idk about that but have some mod power but they can do something and if you get any infarctions you lose the right and if you abuse it you lose it

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