You can build an e-cig specifically for wax?

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  1. So a really good friend was telling me his co worker has a really cool setup for wax and at first I thought he was just describing a normal vape that I always see about but then realized he meant the co worker built it like an e-cig. From what my friend was saying is that it was pretty amazing and convenient, it was square and looked like it had a small nail (though you didn't torch it of course).

    The only other vape me and him have tried was a small g pen that I didn't like too much because the high was so "light" (best way I could describe it, never got "stoned") and I returned it.

    So guys can you really custom build your own vaporizer for wax? His co worker said it would cost upwards of $150 to do so but I'm really thinking of investing into something like this. I've seen the other top brand vapes that come pre packaged of course but never heard of custom building e cig type things for wax. Can anybody give me more info?
  2. You can get a glass dome vaping cartridge for like $30 that will fit any 510 thread battery. I got a Wulf Mods one from the GC store but you can find them on Ebay or wherever.
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    You can even make Titanium Coils for your concentrates . Research Rebuildable Atomizers . I have an old thread too where it shows how to make oil pens on the cheap. It's far outdated though compared to Rebuildable atomizers, high wattage mods and Temperature control mods. Mod is a term given to more powerful ecigs.

    You can even make them with Ceramic Coils. Check post #860 for more details :

  4. So in a way I'd be getting into the whole "building" world e-cig users always do? What would be the difference/benefit of these built vaporizers than buying one?
  5. Yes and yes.

    1. Yes it becomes sort of a hobby over time.

    2. you can make the coils how you want to . shape , size, type of wick, type of wire, and resistance which plays a key role in how the atomizer will heat up and how much draw it needs to heat properly. Currently, the ecig industry has come out with Temperature Controlled mods. These new mods were designed for use with nickel and ti wire, rather than the standard dental grade Kanthal most every ecig atomizer uses. The Temp control allows much more precise heating of the wire , especially Ti and Nickel or other wire with low resistance.
  6. This is awesome! I wanted to know if the high is better than for example the micro g pen I used before compared to one of these legit built vapes? And if it's comparable to a rig?
  7. Better than the Gpens because they are more reliable , higher quality and much more customizable.

    Unfortunately nothing will top a solid rig though.
  8. I used to be an ecig builder fan boy in high school and had a leftover 30 watt box mod. I just started getting a good flood of bho in my area so I decided to buy a new rda and build a set up that I can use with dabs. I prefer to use the ecig because I have a rig at home so this is just for getting high at work and at house parties and occasionally outside bars. The ejuice covers up the smell and you can pack a lot of dabs on here if you want so in my opinion its the simplest and most simple thing to get away with.

    This is my set up, I just melt the dabs into the coil by heating it up a little. Once you get good it can be surprisingly quick and easy to load up some hash!

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