You call your Country home?

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  1. Home is Earth. Countries are just imaginary lines drawn on a paper that we call a map. We all are conected. I think the true awakening is the understanding that we are all the same but raised in different environments. There is no such thing as good or bad people. So soldiers are taught to kill, but they don't end up in jail like other killers that are not called soldiers would do. We're full of shit. The whole system is a lie. We need to wake up and question everything.
  2. There is a philosophy forum for trying to act insightful and "Awakened"
  3. Dude wtf

    I've never thought of it that way

    Humans are just like any other animal

    Earth belongs tto everyone
    No matter the land
  4. Alert, alert! Captain fucking obvious in the house......:rolleyes:
  5. Lmao @ Japanleman.

    Dude your not the first person to think that way. But just walk away from your home and live in the woods for a month. You cant just walk away from the comforts of society. As badly as I want to as well, it's just not practical. You need a group of at least 5-10 people to go with you.
  6. But to answer your question yes, yes I do call my little corner of the world home because thats what I live. A country is more then just a meaningless symbol, its a group of like minded(ish) people in a simmaler situation trying to survive and having something that connects them. Much lie a family, or are we all one big happy family too?

    Oddly enough your 1 world vision doesn't really work. People need laws because they are self destructive, and different cultures need different laws to keep their way of life preserved.

  7. Agreed. Interesting how the OP immediately resorted to name calling. You must have been close to the mark.
  8. [quote name='"Texdallas"']

    Agreed. Interesting how the OP immediately resorted to name calling. You must have been close to the mark.[/quote]

    It wasn't the OP.
  9. Your right it wasn't my apologies.
  10. swing and a miss guy
  11. the fuck is going on here?

  12. i would disagree with you on that. the american people are far from like minded. i for one hate it here and want to leave but there are so many hoops you have to jump through. now if there was a system in place that would allow you to choose where you live and are instantly granted citizen ship the world would be a much better place and everyone would be happy. like minded people would group up and each group would be happy since they're all like minded.

  13. yeah america is too diversified to think with that guys mindset.
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    If you think America is too diversified then I guess we're screwed!

    For me I think that the global society is the only solution to the segregation (and subsequent issues) we face, I ask you to explain to me how the hatred and prejudice between two warring countries is any different than the hate that used to exist (in the majority) between Whites and Blacks in America before we realized that such behavior was disastrous and impeding forward progress. Until we become a cohesive PLANET, we will never progress to the next stage.

    As long as a society is divided, it can never reach its full potential.

    My argument for this is based simply on history (loosely), we began as nomads, and then when we learned how to work together, we built villages. From villages came cities, and from cities came city-states, etc. Fast-foward a few thousand years and we have hundreds of Metropolis across the world, housing more people than our ancestors ever could've imagined would exist. Imagine if we as a PLANET, focused our efforts towards finding more habitable planets with which to expand on. One country alone just cant pull it least I dont think so, it doesn't seem to fit the pattern.
  15. This prob sums up your thinkin'

    [ame=]John Lennon - Imagine - YouTube[/ame]
  16. My residence is my home.
  17. Sometimes I wish cali could break off and be it's own country.. does that count?
  18. [quote name='"calicough"']Sometimes I wish cali could break off and be it's own country.. does that count?[/quote]

    That country would be fukt
  19. [ame=]End Of Ze World - YouTube[/ame]

    Can Alaska come too?
  20. the ultimate westernization.

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