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You call this a business?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MJ Green, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. Good morning all,
    I'm here to rant about the lack of business skills, communication, and integrity of many of the mj people I have met since becoming a patient.
    Here are some of the incidents that I've encountered in the last year:
    1. Delivery service arrives with medicine in a paper bag with all my info written on it, driver wearing an LA Lakers jersey, seems surprised I have a color copy of my recomendation.:confused:
    2. Delivery service guy doesn't call back, introduce himself, have much info about menu, says he will contact me the next day.:mad:
    3. Dispensary has no restroom, after driving one hour, they say "go to Costco.":devious:
    4. My wife prepares a logo for a delivery service owner, he keeps it and refuses to return calls or e-mails.:rolleyes:
    5. Delivery service uses old med containers, doesn't care about cleaning them.:(
    6. Medicine is full of stems.
    7. Delivery service opens up in town, go to their office- first visit is appalling. Looks like a head shop. Workers wearing T-shirts, dirty fingernails, backpacks on the floor, says they're a non-profit and don't need to pay taxes.:eek:

    I could go on but you get the idea. How do these people think they are going to survive without any business skills, integrity or ethic? I'm wondering where the compassion is, oh, it's been replaced by capitalism-plain and simple. How sad that there are so many carpetbaggers in this business and I have met some very compassionate people- I've met so many more that bother me.
    Please don't think I'm naive. I've been using cannabis since 1974 and have attended both University of Cannabis and Oaksterdam University. I have also been in healthcare for 23 years and was a paralegal for four years. Maybe I should move to Oakland.

    Mean Joe Green
  2. god damn you if only there was a green joint around here that fuggin delivers your supply to your doorstep fuck these illegal states
  3. that sounds like a very lame experience but be thankful you can get the medicine you need. its a hassle but its better then nothing :D

    when will they just legalize it..?
  4. Maybe it's time to start your own business? ;)

    That is complete bullshit. Can you not grow your own somehow?

    I wouldn't even bother with this delivery service, man... it sounds shady.

    That, or move somewhere where you know you'll be satisfied?
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    dude start a grow! i want to grow so bad and live where i could do it i'm just lacking some skill/start up funds :eek:

    more on point - yeah the delivery service does sound super sketch. did he leave his music up loud when got out of the car? i bet he did :laughing:
  6. It's quite amazing how many bad business people there are in pretty much every industry.

    I actually believe that not everyone is cut out to own a business. In life we know there are leaders and followers, and followers do not make good business owners.

    The problem in the MMJ community (at least in So-Cal) is that for awhile there were SOOOOO many options that quality of product and service didn't matter to most of them. Fortunately they're being "weeded" out these days and hopefully what we're left with is just the best of the best.

    I can only say this, after finding two collectives that I truly love going to, I stopped going to others. Plain and simple.
  7. Oh boo hoo you're complaining cause they're not dressed profesionally, don't introduce themselves, or have bathrooms in the dispensary LOL.

    You realize what they're doing is still a federal crime; thus, they are putting themselves at risk to provide a service to you

    You're lucky you even have the benefit of being able to access such resources. I use marijuana medicinally to aid in the symptoms of my Crohn's disease and I have to rely on dealers to get it. This means I have to go to their house or meet them somewhere to buy it...

    My dealers never present a "menu" to me either and they certainly don't deliver it to my door... oh and they recycle bags too lol, it's not like a little kief in the bag has ever hurt anyone :rolleyes:. My herb costs a ridiculous amount too ($400/ounce), I'm sure yours is priced well.

    and it still isn't legal either. My local police would prosecute me if they caught me... unlike yours

    You on the other hand have been granted the gift of immunity. Stop being such a baby about it and enjoy the rights that you have, it's something that a lot of people across the country (and world) would LOVE to have, regardless of the so-called lack of "compassionate people."

    (for the record compassion isn't defined by picking out the stems and using a brand new bag - if you get your bud for a good price, which I'm sure you do, you're receiving compassion).

  8. VT Killer,

    Sorry about your Crohn's disease and that the black market is all you got. :rolleyes:It's unfortunate you took the opportunity to shame and blame me for my post. Not helpful. Yes, it's great to be in CA and be sorta legal but it's no picnic as my post shows. We all have our challenges and to turn on someone is really lacking empathy.

    Webster's Dictionary defines compassion as: " actively sympathetic concern for the suffering of another; mercy."
    Obviously, you've lost all compassion and want to lash out at others who you think are better off than you. How sad. We don't have the gift of real immunity in CA, in case you've missed it, people are still getting busted by cops, sheriff, DEA,etc.

    Actually, one can pay over $400/oz. Try buying an eight for $55 plus tax= $440 plus 9.25% tax. Before there were delivery services I had to drive 1-3 hours to get meds. I bet your dealer isn't paying a penny in sales tax, isn't incorporated, and has less overhead than the people I deal with.
    By the way, our MD recs and ID cards cost us over $300.00. So, don't throw the price stuff up.

    I hope things get better for all of us.

    MJ Green
  9. start a grow, if not your lucky you get it medicinal
  10. #10 VT_killah, Jul 21, 2010
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    1st of all: I'm not lacking empathy just because you're nit-picking at minute problems such as "too many stems" and bags that aren't brand new. I didn't "turn on you" either: just because I pointed out that your problems aren't very bad does not mean I "turned on you."

    2: I'm not "shaming and blaming" you for anything, I'm just saying that when you come on here complaining about such problems, while 95% of us suffer from much worst, is kind of inconsiderate. In other words, you're lacking empathy ;).

    3: Yes, you do have immunity. Since when are MMJ patients being busted by the DEA? If anything they're going after growers, I've never heard of a patient getting in trouble from the federal government. In addition, your local police do allow it... so yes, you're basically immune.

    4: I pay $60/eighth so yes I pay more than you by the eighth as well... If you were to buy an ounce it would not cost the price of 8 eighths, there is always a price reduction, thus your math does not apply... ounces don't cost $400-$420 there.

    5: Your card may cost 300$ but citations and jail are a whole lot worst so don't even go down that road.

    P.S. I haven't "lost all compassion and want to lash out" at others. How self-absorbed are you? There are people who lose legs because of land-mines... and I've "lost all compassion" because I don't care that the person delivering extremely high quality weed to your door is wearing a jersey? Please :rolleyes:.

    Look I can understand that it's becoming a business there and you want there to be more professionalism, but the fact of the matter is, it's still a mostly illegal business ran by people facing real risks and consequences. They're providing a service to you and countless other people. There goal is to aid people's symptoms at an affordable price, to offer compassion as you say. As MMJ becomes bigger and bigger and smaller dispensaries are ran out of business by bigger companies professionalism will come. Until then, you're probably gonna have to just bare through it.
  11. VT,
    So you're perfect in every way? You've called me a nit-picker, self-absorbed,complainer, lacking empathy, etc. and all I'm trying to do is vent my frustration.:eek: Maybe this is the wrong forum to expect people to listen and respond without retaliation. :wave:
  12. OK let's calm down folks.
  13. is there a different delivery service available in your town or something?

    The delivery service i used one time was excellent, with very reasonably prices for delivery and great product

    there are some dispensaries that have much less than expected customer relations/service, but after that has happened to me, i usually don't go back, unless they have something specific from the dispensary i can only get from that one. Luckily, i have found 2 dispensaries i love. One is closer(only about 20 mins from the house) and has amazing flowers, but is a little pricey($60 1/8 cap), but their customer service is TOP notch and unmatched in friendliness and just cleanliness of the dispensary. always ample parking, and a very very safe location discreet location. The other one i go to isnt as good of a location, and is about 20 minutes further of a drive, but they are also friendly and helpful at the dispensary, but they too have amazing flowers, and $45 cap on 1/8ths. It depends on how much im buying and my mood to which one i go to, but if you search around, im sure u will find the dispensary with the service you deserve as a medical patient.
  14. Just don't worry about him, obviously he came in here with the intent to argue.
  15. The only reason I said any of those things is because you accused me of "lashing out" "lacking empathy" being "sad" "shaming and blaming" you, not to mention you rolled your eyes when I told you I have Crohn's disease, a real problem....

    When did I ever say I think I'm perfect? Your situation is much closer to perfect than mine is..

    I'm sorry my reply wasn't what you were hoping for, but that's a forum/the real world for ya.
  16. 3. What if he gets pulled over by a fed? Tries to go to Mexico with his medicine?

    4. He states that his 8th is $55 + a 9.25% sales tax. Incase you can't do the fucking math, he pays 9 cents more per 8th than you. YOU DO NOT PAY MORE PER 8TH THAN HIM, I don't care how minuscule the amount is. And how can you claim that ounces don't cost $400-420 there? Have you ever been into a dispensary, how would you know!? This man obviously gets his medicine from a dispensary in which the ounces are $400, again how can you make claims about price reduction? This isn't the black market.

    5. He was talking about the price to aquire the medicine. You stating about jail time is completely irrelevant to the argument of the price of the marijuana.

    And on your last statement, if my business was partially illegal to to federal laws, I'd do everything in my power to make it AS PROFESSIONAL AS POSSIBLE. If the feds bust identical dispensaries and one has people in a professional uniform with a clean area, the other with people in tiedye shirts and jeans with a messy floor; which one do you think will look more legitimate!?
  17. I think what he's trying to say is, you should be thankful that you can legally buy the meds without having to go to a drug dealer where you have little knowledge about the bud you get.

    And 300 dollars is chump change, I just paid over 600 bucks to bond out of jail because of a marijuana possession charge, I won't even get into lawyer fees and court costs..

    Just go to a diff place dude if you don't like what they provide you...There's only like hundreds of dispensarys in Cali..

  18. I see plenty of relevance...he pays 300 bucks to buy all the legal marijuana he can buy, but I could buy a dime sack of marijuana and triple what he pays in fees. Not even taking into account the stress it puts on somebody to have to go through the system.
  19. Hey OP sorry some people dont understand that people want a bit of professionalism when dealing (no pun intended) with their medicine.

    Either scroll down to the Grow Section and we can get you set up to start taking care of your own medicine. Like it should be... or at worst hit up BudTrader and find a decent compassionate/compliant grower in your area. they are all over. NEVER trust a delivery service. they at the very least untrustworthy, and MOST are operating in a "grey" area of the law.

    Greens to You.
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    3. That is why you don't travel with cannabis on you. when you receive your recommendation, you are told to only consume cannabis in your own house, away from the public, and transporting without it being in its original stapled/sealed paper bag is a huge NO NO

    4. Every dispensary i have been to is pre taxed. So, that $55 1/8 already has taxes in it. not, $55 + tax. As for ounces, it varies by dispensary. Most offer ounces around $385 due to not offering a huge price break on larger amounts to reduce someone buying a couple ounces and dealing. However, there are still a LOT that offer discount ounces. I can go to one dispensary and get ounces for $320 any day of the week, and they have 1 or 2 strains on special for $250-280 for the ounce, or, if you are on a tighter budget, 80% of the time i have been there, they offer shake of top notch strains(sour d, og kush, ingrid, etc.) at $5 a gram, or $125 an ounce

    5. $300 for your mmj recommendation is OUTRAGEOUS in CA. Even when i got my first mmj script about 6 years ago, i paid $150 and they were a lot less common than now and issued at far fewer locations. The average price is $150 or lower depending on if its your first time, renewal, or just have a coupon or whatnot, and those are from very well known, respected, and legit offices, that the police know of and acknowledge their mmj recommendations as being legit. Hell, for $150 even at a first time customer, you even get their legal services if anything were to happen to you out of their own pocket. If you are on a budget, there are lesser known ones for as cheap as $45 i have seen, but, those are more so the less legit dr's offices who will issue to anyone and are likely to get shut down

    if you search, you will find a dispensary that you will like, there are some crappy ones, and some great ones. find one that sells clones, and grow your own if you are truly dissatisfied with the service of everyone you go to. I dont know what part of CA you are in, but CWC is by far the cleanest, most friendly staffed dispensary i have ever been to, and they receive the majority of my money
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