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You are all a bunch of terroists!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wisemanseeking, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. John P. Walters, President Bush's drug czar, said "The people who plant and tend the [pot] gardens are terrorists who wouldn't hesitate to help other terrorists get into the country with the aim of causing mass casualties.
    Is anyone else pissed off by this?
  2. bush is a terrorist... nuff said
  3. God dammit, that makes me a terrorist, but they released me from the police station, guess I must not be causing enough terror..

    It's all bullshit, and everyone knows it.
  4. I thought you were calling Americans in general which I would agree.

    But that drug czar comment is funny...yeah I'm funding terrorism by planting a seed...just like EVERY other farmer in the country right?
  5. so when do we start our next growing cell? I was thinking early fall myself, any suggestions?

    and how is the new jihad strain coming along?

    okay, well that adjourns this meeting of the MLF (Marihuana Liberation Front)
  6. You need to sneak something anti-Israeli into the message too. :p
  7. Right, Im being called a terrorist by the two BIGGEST FAILURES on the planet! Ouch.:rolleyes:

    I personally have done more than either one of them to fight suck on that you two ass hats. :D
  8. Someone correct me if im wrong, but isnt a terrorist...

    "Terrorism is a term used to describe unlawful violence or other unlawful harmful acts committed (or threatened) against civilians by groups or persons for political or other ideological goals"

    If someone can please explain how that relates to someone growing weed I'd appreciate it. I know everyone I light up my blunt all kinds of civilians are being harmed because of my political views.......:cool: Makes sense dont it?

  9. Man, you know big brother is watchin ya man... you're going to disappear now and end up with a car battery attached to your nuts, watch out!
  10. The fools trying to say we fund terrorism because the bud that is coming out of "terrorist countries" is being sold and paying for terrorist supplies and such, but by growing our own herb arent we doing the exact opposite? This guys a moron..
  11. Ummmm.... We pay our taxes on the light, water, and nutrients indoors.

    Outdoors we should have to pay taxes and I'm sure we would if it was legal, but that's against the point.

    Growing indoors is actually anti-terrorist. It takes the money out of the hands of dealers and puts it into the hands of the US government. Isn't that what they want? Or is it really about us "hurting ourselves"???

    Such bs, calling us terrorists when they are the real terrorists! Why do you think stoners are paranoid????!!!!

  12. obviously I think this was takin out of context.

    I honestly honestly honestly believe buying heroine/poppie is supporting terrorism, as that is afghanistans major cash crop. Several several nations in the world were built off drug money.

    Osama bin Laden and other higher-ups actually have their own massive personal stock piles of poppy, which is used as funding.

    but marijuana grown in a basement of someones house in the U.S.?? not so much the same..
  13. If we were able to grow poppy we wouldn't have to support the terrorist heroin market either!!!

    Can't you see this America? You are actually making us criminals and building a black market!

    We are not criminals! We just want to do some drugs!
  14. Ladys and Gentleman! I present to you...

    the next Harry J. Anslinger :confused:

  15. that and isn't most of the country's MJ supply grown in the states anyways?
  16. fuck that, most of your shit comes straight from B.C. pure canadian. no doot aboot it. eh?.....hockeybeavermaplebeer bud
  17. Damn, i knew the anti-christ would show his face soon...
  18. Walters doesn't have enought time to do the damage Anslinger did. He'll be drug czar for another year and a half tops.

  19. ass hats haha.

    BUt seriously guys, is anyone else just fed up with watching the news? what is becoming of our "great country founded on principles?" Where have our priorities gone? away from freedom and liberty, and onto capitalism and money.

    Let's just hope we all survive democracy long enough to change it. Long live the hippie generation!:metal:
  20. Yeah basically, because everyone watches T.V. they just listen and think whatever the media says is correct. Shit like marijuana will kill you story because a dumbass ignorant dea agent said that (apparently...). Seriously though anytime i ever hear about stuff like this it brings up the killer marijuana, happened like a month ago on fox just youtube killer marijuana and you'll find a report saying that a dea agent said this marijuana could kill you and that it was like drugs on steriods because it had 24 hours of light...whoops doesnt marijuana need 12 hours of light to produce bud....hmmmm, who would of thought a dea agent knows no true facts about marijuana....shocking no?

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