You and your significant other.

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  1. so we all have that certain someone. whats some smoking habits/fun that you do together?

    me and my girl like to watch movies and slowly torch bowls or ill roll us a few have a few stogies. ill drive us to get munchies or order out.

    whatchu guys do?
  2. No significant other. Yeah, I'm that guy. :D
  3. ya, he says "we all have that certain someone." and I'm like:confused::confused::confused::confused:....we do?.....Where is she? HUH?
  4. Smoke a few bowls or roll. Usually poppers. After, we'll either have sex or play some Jet Set Radio! lol or eat some chicken and talk about philosophical topics.
  5. I sit on the couch smoking blunts with my buds while my "significant other" is in the kitchen (where the woman belongs) making me a sandwich.
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    no other half in my relationshit status atm. i'd rather be single. going on 2 years.:cool:
  7. Good thread idea :)

    My ex and I used to smoke every Thursday and Tuesday when I would stay the night at her house.
    We could smoke in her room, it was really good smoking :)
  8. Single at the moment here too, More weed for me though.
  9. me and my fiancee love it sit around, smoke a few bong packs and bowl packs, taken a few opiates or benzos, have lots of sex; not dirty horny teenager sex, but sensual...dirty hot sweaty pig sex. yes there is a difference :D

    i am a good cook, so im always cooking good munchies, fuck micky Dees ( dont get my wrong thats a banging fast food resturant)

    other then that we watch movies, play videos games, and go on offroading trips
  10. My fiance doesn't smoke. More for me!! :D

    J/K...I wish he did, but he is subject to urine testing for his job. Not even sure if he would if he wasn't, but I do know he has some medical problems that he would probably benefit from smoking.
  11. maybe kidding, but this is perfect. everynight i blaze my girl usually is in the kitchen. and from 10am on sundays(footballs too early on west coast) she's in the kitchen making like 3 big platters of food for me and my friends. my big hdtv broke so now like 6 people sit around watching football ona small ass tv. but everyone stil comes here cuz my girls a chef with amazing cooking skills. she's awesome:hello:+rep to my girl for her baked hot wings!!!:hello:
  12. I like making cookies or tea of the magic variety.

    Then we chill for a day or two doing the sexy thing.

    That and we don't argue.
  13. She lectures me while I roll my eyes.

    Then we hit the bong and fuck.
  14. that's how it should be man.:yay:
  15. me and my boyfriend get ripped and play music together :] he plays guitar & I play keyboard. .. other than that.. just sit and talk about everything.. philosophy.. society.. etc. watch movies.. make fun of each other.. play catch with our dog.. do the nookie.. whatever happens..
  16. Me and my significant other usually smoke in my car, than go for a ride and have some sweet bonding time, than hit my house and do separate things. I usually end up playing video games/listen to music/grasscity and she will watch comedy central/adultswim
  17. We just get high and fuck, then repeat. Getting high is just as natural and beautiful as the sex. :D

    Sometimes we'll play video games together or watch a movie, but it always ends in sex. Weird, huh?
  18. Replace "weird" with "GREAT!" and I completely agree :)

    As for me, I'm single..but I hope to find me a nice gal that enjoys smoking.
  19. me and my boyfriend will play some COD on xbox live thats always fun hahaha. or if were driving, everytime we are at a red light we will take a bong rip. but we usually get really blazed and jam out on some instruments and record it. and have lots of sex in between!

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