You (and me) are experiencing "reality" in two different ways.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dawnofwar, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Just some quick thoughts that I've thought about:

    Everyone is experiencing what we coin as "reality" in minimum, two different ways. Their is your "reality" which is effected by your decisions. Be it drinking, taking the car this morning, or rolling a joint. This is your most immediate reality, as you are constantly changing it every second you do something, and profound changes will be realized and experienced, most quickly at this level. Take someone whose scizhophrenic for example. They are living in collective reality, experienced by everyone on Earth. But (if they aren't taking their medication, and it's severe enough,) they create a "reality bubble" in which they are living, and experiencing reality the way their brain/consciousness interprets what is in front of them. But at the same time, they are also experiencing the reality of others and everyone.

    The reality of all of us:

    This is one effected by everyone on planet Earth. We experience it as a collective conscious, and everyone's decisions impact each other on this level. Although the impact person by person isn't that great at this level of existing/reality, it is greatly impacted as a whole. For example: Pollution. One by one, we don't pollute a lot, but as a collective whole, we do. We are experiencing reality, with a polluted state. If we want to experience a non-polluted state, then we have to alter it on a global level, simply doing it on our own won't help on the global level, but it will help on the individual level. To alter reality on a global scale, it would require everyone to do it, and would require all of us to change our perception, and our behaviours.

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