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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bong toke, May 17, 2006.

  1. now i just wanted some opinions from real growers, good ones, ones that know what the hell their doing. i know what im doing and ive grown outdoors, but ive never been in this situation ive found myself in. so i have an outdoor crop and their all fine blah blah - i have a female, a really healthy and big one that ive got a chance to bring indoors. the only thing is ITS the only 1 i can bring indoors.

    so what would u do if you could focus all time and energy into ONE single indoor female in the closet? the lighting i think is permanent for me, i have 2 40w cool floros hanging right over the plant not even 4in above it. im using just some fluffy potting soil my mom has, and its in a 5 gallon bucket right smack dab in the middle. so what all would you do for the plant?
    ive thought about using some blood meal stuff since its indoors, watering is just to the other room and back, so float a noobie indoor'er some ideas id apriciate them and hell, u know its gunna help..... hah. pics are soon 2 come of my luffly lil girl
  2. Check the grandpas grow guide .its at the top of the page .
    Oh and You shouldnt have said your not 18 or live with your parents. I dont have a problem with it but some people wont answer your questions if you are.GL with your grow.
  3. *cough* what about bein 18? :p

    i checked all the guides, im thinkin about maybe 2 compact floros to make it a quicker process
  4. if you want a decent plant you need more than 2 CFLS
  5. personnally.. I would take it back outside.. that plant is gonna give you WAY more wieght outside.. and better quality too.. the only real way to get some yield off indo plants is to put a H.I.D lamp over them.. or pile the flouro's up, high intensity ones at that... with 2 40 watts cfls as permanent lighting.. I would definitely suggest throwin it back outside.. it will be happier too... :)
  6. ^agree if you can grow outside then do that unless you have to grow indoors then try to get a 75watt hps.
  7. dude your plant will be twice as dank if you leave it outside.
  8. you will not have a bountiful harvest using the indoor setup u are attemtping. Not enough light. There are many options to maximize your potential harvest with one plant, but I would think that the lighting issue has to be addressed first. As mentioned by our bretheran, THE SUN will provide you with the best option all around. There is no replacement for the sun. Your plant, if its roots have the room to grow, outside will preform unbelievably, trust me. The biggest plants with the best yields have always come from plants outdoors. Most people associate "outdoor" as being schwag - but so is any cannabis that is not loved and cared for properly. You must feed, properly and regualte photoperiod outdoors to obtain the best results.

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