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You all have to see the AniMatrix!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by demon666, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. Every1!!!!!!...go rent or buy the Animatrix. I popped a mescaline cap and that shit is crazy!!!!!!!! it is so messed up!!!!!...just wanted yall to know......PEACE
  2. Reloaded was too much of a head fuck for me so count me out. Oh yeah and how was the buzz like? That is rarely used over here i was just curious how u r on it whilst high.
  3. Animatrix fuckin kicks so much ass I got it on dvd I smoked a blunt to myself and watched it.
  4. seen it... daaaaamn!

    i want a green eyed robot and the computer program (and hardware) they used to convert him to green eyes. ;) who needs halucinogens! lol
  5. its kind of like cid but the trip is more realisitc...u believ what u see more than u do on acid. it makes ya a little queezy but it goes away after a while...yea...u dont need trip to watch the movie...but it makes it a whole lot better...havent seen it better than the first or not?...well betta hop outta here...gotta go to work tonight....this sucks..PEACE
  6. i dont think the two movies are comparable. Being a big fan of The Matrix, i think that the two movies are very good in their own ways, but definately not the same. The first is more of an explanation, and kind of introducing you to the theme but Reloaded goes deeper into the actual struggle of Zion. Both are great movies and i recommend both.

    Oh and the AniMatrix? Damn good. Yeah i watched that shit trippin too...very satisfied after the whole 9 films...reccomended also heh heh heh...

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