You all have 30 days to pay me $5,000,000

Discussion in 'General' started by hoboleader, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. [ame=]You have 30 days to pay me $5,000,000... - YouTube[/ame]
  2. So... cool?
  3. The fuck? That's like some 007 shit right there
  4. i don't get it...
  5. Curious as hell!
  6. Nobody give him money.

    I wanna know what is in that damn pyramid.
  7. Holy fuck I hope it's real.
  8. genius idea
    area 51 + this rc car

    i mean, right?
    am i right or am i right?
  9. I call publicity stunt for sure.

  10. No.

    You're not right.

  11. Yeah, how would you even get THIS racecar? It'd be waaaay easier to make your own. Also, racecar is a palindrome! Wowee!

  12. I feel like if this is real it has something to do with aliens though right? Egypt is notorious for having them present in the past on walls had shit
  13. I ain't go no 5 Million cash in 30 motherfuckin days man

    Fuck man!
  14. garbage... those tunnels are from close to the top of the pyramids... you can only get up there with a special gov. pass... they sent robotic cars down those tunnels before... blocked...

    I think ill keep my cash... and he needs to edit his video so its not so boring

  15. theyre called hieroglyphics.

    so let me see if i got this right...

    some dude is threatening someone to pay him 5mil or he will post a full video of the inside of some pyramid?

    boy, im shaking in my boots.
  16. You guys have obviously got this all wrong he's not demanding 5,000,000 from the public it would be the government that would pay him if they actually know he has got something on that video that they don't want people to see which most likely he doesn't but how cool would it be if he did? IMO I hope he does know something and they don't pay him so he will show the video haha
  17. no one's gonna pay him we're all gonna get rick roll'd and die from anger..

    simple population control plan
  18. Everyone is going to get rickrolled.
  19. im so baked. normally id wave this off as crazy but im a sucker for government lies so fuck it im on in the rickroll bandwagon.

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