yooooooo grasscity.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by yeahmaayne, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Well im sitting here really high :smoking: and i just wanted to say grasscity is the shit!

    Also, i have the secret to life. Tired of losing your keys, wallet, and/or ipod?
    1. get a fruity snacks box.
    2. eat said fruity snack. (best step)
    2. put the box under your bed and at night empty your pockets into the box and you will never loose anything. everything you use on a daily basis put that bitch in the box.
  2. your sig made me giggle
  3. I remember when i was 15, i bought my first half ounce, and i took all the m and ms outta that little thing in your sig, i had the same one, and filled it with weed like that lol.
  4. What happens when you lose the box with all your shit in it?
  5. well you dont, cuz you put everything inside the box and the box stays in one place ;)
  6. You're a fucking genius

    Got a patent yet?
  7. lol if i could patent the box i would, then the world:cool:
  8. Isn't this what nightstands are for?
  9. i have a night stand with a drawer for that. its a bit classier.

    edit: lol yea^^
  10. Rockin' a gushers box I keep my strap in it and all my hundid racks ya dig fruit gushers homie we keep it gangsta out here real dirty type shit.
  11. Or you could just use your brain.
  12. I tape important things like my phone and wallet to my genitals. How the fuck can you lose something taped to your genitals?

  13. Thats how i came up with the awesome idea. Isn't using your brain so that you dont have to use it later the whole reason we got em?

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