Yoko Ono Bullshit!

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  1. just had my best friend throw away his friendship for pussy... i can't believe that after all that we've been through, he's willing to do this... he was the one person i thought was different. just goes to show you that you can't trust anyone and everyone is full of shit. i planned on maybe hanging out with him today (christmas) and maybe drink and perhaps even toke a lil. my text on christmas eve went unanswered so i called him today, ended up hitting ignore. so instead of leaving a message, i called again thinking he had hit it by mistake. nope, went straight to voicemail because he turned his phone off... fucking hate this yoko ono bullshit!
  2. so confused..
    maybe he has other shit to do on christmas..dont be selfish

  3. Nah, he's been showing signs long before christmas. i finally got fed up with his shit. he could at least have the balls to tell me that he'd rather have a pussy to fuck than a friend to chill with. instead he just refuses to talk to me.
  4. Chill out bro

    I bet his girlfriend isnt as clingy you. I wouldnt wanna kick it with you either.
  5. haven't had any contact with him in about 20 days. not clingy. however, that cunt ruined the friendship. every time he would chill with me, she would give him rules to abide by while he was with me. pussy whipped is what he is.

    edit: on a side note, don't even know who you are. why the fuck would i ever hang out with you?
  6. just cus he's not livin the life you'd prefer him to doesn't mean it's wrong.

    get over that childish shit and hang out with another friend. how does this mean you can't trust anyone ... ? lol . . . you sound like the type of person who is used to getting their way
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    chill out paul
  8. Lololol Youre keeping track of how long you havnt talked day by day? You sure you're not gay for this guy?

    Does anyone remember the thread about that guy's "weird friend" who ended up being some gay pedophile weirdo.....

    I think we found him.
  9. You like his bf or something?
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    its called date and time on my last text to him... troll...
  11. Soooooo creepy man. You need other friends.....or did they all run away too?
  12. lol although this thread is funny, it's kinda pathetic ...

    focus your mind on more important things , my guy.
  13. Dude i had a friend exactly like OP. Always claiming i ruined everything and i was selfish and other bullshit when he was just a dramatic person who always got his way and even all my other friends thought the same. Always damn negative so i stopped chilling with him because i figured out how he really was as a person and when i did he would say im pussy whipped when i would chill with other bros more than my gf at the time.

    This is childish shit
  14. I understand the whole "bros before hoes thing" but a real friend will support your ventures to get pussy.

  15. you don't even fuckin know me. fuck off. we lived in the woods together for a while and we had made a bros before hoes pact but i guess that's null and void. not once did i ever mention that he was being selfish or ruining things. you made that shit up in your mind. however, i did say he was pussy whipped, which i WILL stand by. the fact that he has to obey rules that she sets for him shows this. now go troll another thread please.
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    i totally support him getting pussy. however, when one becomes pussy whipped, they change.

    edit: i had another friend who was pussy whipped. she controlled every aspect of his life. when they broke up, he even told me personally he was happy he got rid of that cunt. also, when he finally got rid of her, he went back to being the normal fun-loving person we all remembered him as before the relationship.
  17. It's better to be whipped and get pussy than to get blazed and jerk it.

    OP, getting pissed off is totally understandable. It's weird when friends aren't there for you when they want them to be, but if you had access to steady pussy wouldn't you want to spend as much time as possible making use of it?

    The holidays are weird. Friends come around. Smoke a bowl and be happy.

    Happy holidays GC!

  18. haha tbh, my last gf made me swear off women for a while simply because i didn't want to deal with all the drama and bullshit that happens once someone changes their fb status to "in a relationship".

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