Yoho 1st grow - Bubblelicious - Fem / Auto

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  1. Hey everyone, let me start by saying thank you for all the advice on here. The info we get from forums are sometimes taken for granted, more so for lurkers like me. I figured I would give something back by posting, and now that my paranoia is taken care of here you have it.

    - Nirvana Bubblelicious Feminized + Autoflower
    - Scott's Premium Potting Soil
    - HTGsupply 400w HPS
    - 3 60w Daylight CFL
    - 2 gallon pots w/drain holes

    This is indeed my first grow so I didn't want to impede my learning from having bad genetics. Don't let me spending money on seeds fool you though, this is a budget project. I could go all out on it but that would defeat the point of me doing this in the first place, which is to get good bud for myself and not to make a profit.

    I wasn't sure how much perlite they put inside the scott's soil since it already has some in it .. so here is what I did.
    I added no perlite in the first pot, using it as a base reference. Then mixed about 2 handfuls of perlite (very scientific I know) to the next pot, exponentially increasing down the line. I then flushed the soil and topped off with pure soil.

    March 2nd - Seeds arrived 8 days after the shipping email. They were germinated with wet paper towels in a zip lock bag.

    March 3rd - I put them in soil.

    March 5th - All seeds sprouted.

    March 8th - Built grow box, placed them inside.

    March 9th - Grow Box was terrible idea! The fans were blowing the air from the HPS right onto my baby plants, they started to curl upwards.

    March 10th - Placed them in current area, not insulated so temps fluctuate by as much as 20F.

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