Discussion in 'General' started by Liquid_Force, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. trix yogurt is awesome, holy crap it tastes great ripped, the banana strawberry i think i dont know
  2. i love food so much, cookie dough ice cream, white cheddar cheesie puffs

  3. Now thats an imagination. I may wake up early tomorrow just to have cereal with chocolate milk!

  4. Well I sure know Vestal Parkway East. Thats my street! I hit up Exxon and Wendy's on it today.
  5. Is that like a furniture store(and it says electronics too) across from eckerds? Right by Wendy's?

  6. shit we were in the same shopping center today. well you missed a good party last night...

  7. cool man. too bad the party I was at the cops came eventually. I was all paranoid b/c I was the only one with greens.

  8. Thats awesome, my dream is to have a house far from any others so I can do just that. Well atleast i found out the cops don't really do anything except tell you to leave...and shine the occational light on ya.
  9. Yeah Chinese Buffets should drug test you, they're just asking for trouble when like 5 stoners come in and they're sellin an all you can eat buffet for like $6
  10. mmmmm hash yogurt

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