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  1. Yoga is the best, recently ive fallen head over heels in love with it

    It amazing how great it is

    I feel it bubbles up past tensions to the surface, but most importantly you come to see your the ocean!

    Please share your love or curiosity...

    If youve always thought about getting into it, its very easy, just get into it!

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    Really? I've heard great things about yoga, and I've only done it a handful of times (more good experiences than bad) My only thing is that I don't feel like I have really...done anything. I just feel like I have gone through a long stretch. I don't feel bad, more like a little under-accomplished (or something, lol).

    Another questions is: how do you feel about tapes? or online videos on yoga? Is it better to do it with an instructor? and what about not doing it by the ocean or candle lit gym room but in your bedroom?

    Sorry if these are too many questions, I'd just love to hear from someone who actively does it:eek:

    much love,
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    I do it at home, i went to a yoga studio one time but it was filthy, so i decided to do my own practice at home

    Theres loads of youtube videos to help you, i found buying a yoga anatomy book helped me understand which muscles i should be using

    The main thing about yoga is reading your own body, how it feels, how far to stretch teacher can teach you that

    A good thing to remember is to focus on your breathing aswell as the stretch & to maybe intensify the stretch more & more & breath deeper & deeper, your basically making everything longer & expanding more & more...

    I've been going to the gym for 2 years & only recently started doing yoga, id say my body has changed more in the last 2 months of yoga then it did in those 2 years at the gym

    It literally unleashes latent potential in your mind & body & after a few days of daily practice you'll notice how relaxed & at peace you'll feel, it can take a couple weks of regular practice though as it can also bubble up past symptoms, but this is just your body & mind detoxing...

    I hope you get going soon!

    check out Yoga
    there you can go by anatomy, abs, legs, back etc....or by standing poses, backbends...
    look up sun salutation thats a good start...


    ps if you feel your practice isnt going deep enough, try yoga infront of a heater, you'll sweat loads & the heat will allow your body to stretch further...

  4. Wow! Thanks alot for the information! I've heard it does wonders for your posture, which has been an issue for me for years now. Lucky for me, my doctor didn't immediately try to shove a reduction down my throat (like most doctors do), but recommended building up upper body strength (as well as getting a good work out) using yoga.

    The few times I did it, (mind you I didn't do every step the class did...some were intimidating to a beginner like myself), I felt like it was very relaxing and left me feeling calm and limber...but lacked that dull ache that I usually get from running or swimming. I guess the best things in life really are simple:eek:

    I'm gonna go start looking at the site now...:smoking:
    much love,
  5. Wii Fit has a hell good feature in the Yoga section. By monitoring your centre of gravity through the balance board, you can practise your yoga and be sure that you're doing it correctly without an instructor. You would actually have to be retarded to do it wrong.
  6. I've been doing it off and on for 15 years, but when I say off and on I mean mostly off.

    I do love it, but wish I could be more consistent about it. You really do need to do it consistently in order to get the full benefits.

    I have a friend who is in her 70's and has been doing yoga for 60 years. She is amazing. Stronger then most people 1/4 her age.
  7. Im doing it everyday at the moment, at least half an hour

    I did 2 hours the last two days, it gives me so much energy where as other exercise drains me of energy, i only had to sleep 5 hours last night

    Im not sure how people who try it don't keep going for it, its so great!

    I do sometimes feel i can't be bothered but then i think, what else am i gonna do?

  8. I love yoga and really want to get back into it. I gained so much flexiblility, which in turn made me jump better nad move faster in volleyball, and it also just relaxes you so much.
  9. How did you ever leave it?

    God willing im gonna do this everyday for the rest of my life!

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