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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaphish, Sep 29, 2001.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I love stretching every morning, during the day, at night. It's becoming my favorite thing to do, it feels so good!

    Someone suggested to me that to reduce the stress in my life perhaps I should try out yoga - it's stretching and meditation all in one...

    Can anyone suggest a good yoga site or maybe a good yoga video that's worth buying? I am intrigued...
  2. I don't know of any books or videos right off hand, but the Discovery Health Channel has a show on early in the morning called Yoga Zone. About 4 months ago, I did the workout with them one morning. I have'nt missed a day since! This stuff is KEWL! Being 41, I've noticed I lost a step or two in the physical fitness dept. I'm now as limber as I was when I was 21! Plus it's nice to start the day with a couple of hits and a major stretch! But you already know that! Plus it helps me deal with the stress of dealing with some of the assholes that I sometimes have to put up with.

    Keep stretchin!;)
  3. I don't think I get Discovery Health.. In fact I know I don't but it would be convenient if they had something like that on one of my other cable channels.. I'll have to look at the morning schedules and see if there is anything similar on...

    Thanks alot! :)
  4. Did you ever find any info?


    I don't practice near as much as i should have but i at least get 1 session a week in. I'm gonna start bringing shorts and my yoga mat to work with me so i can prcatice when i take a break.
  5. WHEW!

    I thought I was Deja Vu'ing there for a minute!:)
  6. ...

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  7. you can pick up good yoga tapes at just about any video store. if you have ULTA near you they have some good ones. go for the tapes that have complete workouts, not just concentrated (ie. lower body, upper body, strength, stress, etc.). the complete ones are a combination of all of 'em, so you get the best workout possible. i used to be all kinds of into yoga. great stuff. i'd recommend checking out t'ai chi as well. it's great for pain relief, stress relief, and centering yourself. has more benefits (more so than yoga), but i can't think of 'em all right off the top of my head.
  8. i got a yoga video for christmas, but it's "fatburning" yoga... fuckin' weird... i can't do it at all without falling over, i think i need beginner's courses ;)

    and on that note, i am going to go check out the hightechyoga site. thanks :D i was wondering "MAN when did i post this?! i'm more stoned than i thought!"

  9. i remember my first yoga set. it came with 3 tapes... beginner, intermediate, intermediate/advanced... although the intermediate seemed to be the hardest for me to do, lol. it had a good 10 minutes of fast paced sunsalutes... but not the normal sunsalutes... these are the ones where you stick your one leg up in the air when you go into downward dog... it also had "yoga crunches"... omg... i thought it was never going to end, lol.

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