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  1. Anyone do Yoga? It's a great mental and physical exercise reflective of your body. Great for preparing for deep meditation and mentally and physically rejuvenating. Not only that, but from it there is increased sex drive and an overall more heightened sexual experience between both you and your partner.

    Anyone else do yoga?
  2. If anything, I need to decrease my sex drive.
  3. sometimes when im meditating ill do some basic yoga to help me breathe throughout the session. thats as far as ive gone with yoga, though.
  4. In terms of physical exercise I love it, like I'm never out of breath weak like I am after running for a while, and I get a mental workout to go along with the physical one.

    Still, it's opened my eyes to some great positions I never tried until I did Yoga.
  5. The mental benefits are undeniable, I do think however that the physical benefits are probably a result of the mental benefits.

    Yoga's on my to do list
    maybe it can help me last longer then 5 minutes :eek:
  6. yoga,
    it can shift the sexual energy to a more productive outlet.
    it can (supposedly) transmogrify your dna.
    it can keep yer energy flow up, so you feel great.

    theres much to it.

    listen to your body.

    i practice bits of chi-gung also.

    but best of all is just going mental on a dancefloor. if you're not making a fool of yourself, you're not doing it right. :D
  7. transmogrify: a cardboard box that can turn calvin and hobbes into whatever they imagine
  8. actually it's the transmogrifier.
  9. (sigh) alright, you got me.
  10. Yoga helped open my eyes to new positions also, the woman loves it.

    I started doing Yoga this year its great I feel so great in the morning after I do my Yoga and meditate, I can't remember the last time I was in a grumpy mood since Yoga.

    The flexibility I have gained through Yoga is awesome, also my balance seems like its improving alot.
  11. Any particular sites or books you use to help you along with yoga? I've always been wanting to dive into it deeper but just haven't made the initiative. I've just started up hapkido again and I'm sure it'll go hand in hand.
  12. Hey, I just wanted to point everyone who is interested to Free video classes every day. No registration is required. I've been using it for over a year now. After a month or so I was able to smoke a bowl, turn on some new music and do yoga improvisation! No video needed. Seriously, it's an awesome experience. Turns the mind off and lets you become familiar with the feeling of being a living being again. Think less, be more!

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