Yoga pants/ leggings drive me nuts

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  1. I mean I love looking... but you're gonna have to make a choice lol
    1.) Wear the yoga pants and accept that people will look and treat you as nothing more than a sexual object.
    2.) Do not wear them and learn modesty.
    Leggings aren't pants lol they are damn sexy but pretty inappropriate for public eye. That style is 100% related to pornography. "Because they're comfortable" isn't an excuse. How can you be so comfortable when everyone is looking at you with their mouth watering? How is that your problem, you might ask? Because it opens you up to offenders it's offensive to others and because its demoralizing.

  2. Who gives a fuck, my dick likes it
  3. I want to cut a slit in the yoga pants where the vagina is and fuck it

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    I want to cut a slit where the butt hole is and fuck it
  5. Yeah they like showing their sweet ass but freak out when you look.  WTF! :hide:
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  6. My girlfriend normally wears them in winter with a long top so it does cover her bum.
  7. It seems like 90% of women wear them now. Their ass is outlined as they walk around of course im looking,
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  8. I put my (at the time) girlfriends yoga pants on before. Oddly enough nobody looked at my butt...
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    made me wonder why some girls wore long tops and others wore ones that barely came in contact with the pants lol, damn girls are scheming for self esteem/attention :/
    so i guess this verifies it. girls might wear leggings cause they're comfy, but come on, you know you like it when people stare. especially the hawt guys.
  10. Too be fair, when we're going out for a meal were she is all dressed up in the summer she gets more looks then then when in leggings. My girlfriend has a lovely figure but when she wears leggings shes pretty much going for the comfy look haha, Leggings a top and a cardigan. And yes i absolutely love it when other guys are with the girlfriends and they stare at my missus, I had one guy while we was going out for dinner literally stare he couldn't keep his eyes of her. He eventually did get caught out and they didn't leave happy haha.
  11. So people really look all the time? I have been so oblivious for such a long time.

    Oh well, who gives a shit. I always try to find dick outlines, so whatever.
  12. wait, what was the point of this thread? 
  13. I'm hypocritical, i love them on beautiful women, i would never date a woman who wears them.
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  14. sheesh i take it your single??
    female creeps are kinda unsettling......
    Like males aren't [​IMG]  I think it's just the person creeping, not their gender.
  16. Nope! It's just a habit since skinny jeans have become popular, and it formed mostly for my personal amusement.

    I ain't a creep, just terribly bored (and tired of guys staring at my big butt).
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    i'm honestly just going for comfort when i wear yoga pants/leggings, i'm in a long term relationship, i fart in front of my dude, i'm not worried about or looking for other randoms staring at my ass or not. whatever. theyd probably stare if i were wearing jeans too. guys are pigs, is what it is lol.

    also this, i do this too. basketball shorts/sweats are my fav. it goes both ways boys

    and LoL at the douche that said you were prolly single because female creeps are gross. if the tables were turned you wouldn't have said you ignored the first 5 posts in this thread about drooling over girls ass's... grow up bruh
  18. ctfu I knew women did that !! I have been saying it for years... If only we stopped putting keilbasa down there ... But hey if girls keep window shopping we will keep decorating haha
    to laugh at women who think yoga pants will thin them if they buy a size smaller
  19. Yoga pants question for the guys ... If yoga pants were designed for women to be comfortable while working out ... Would you still like that ass when there is a big sweat line going down it ? Because I sure as hell didn't when they opened the yoga studio next to my tattoo shop... Every day beautiful women went in.. Every day sweaty salty checks came out ... And the next week you could tell who did their laundry by the white lines on their black pants haha ..
  20. I like when girls where black leggins when they work at a pizza shop .. Then get mad when you stare at the hand prints all over their butt... Yet they where them again ... And again and again.. knowing damn right well some poor guy is gunna get yelled at haha

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