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Yoda OG

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DanketyDank, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I just went to my local club to pick up a heavy indica and as soon as the clerk showed me this it caught my eye. When I took a look I saw that was some crystally stuff and a bit hairy too, I had to grab it. This was a top shelf indica going for $55 an 1/8, and this club has never failed me, so I'm expecting an awesome high.


    It looks very pretty haha
    I'll be smoking it in an hour or so, so I'll let you all know how it is :smoking:
  2. looks super nice, and kinda like yoda too? idk i'm just high
  3. That is bad ass. Enjoy.
  4. haha shittt it does look like yoda thats crazy
  5. That looks extremely dank.
  6. Wow is all I can say. I smoked this last night while I was watching Avatar with a friend and it put me on my ass. We put honeybud in the second bowl also, so I was EXTREMELY high. I definitely recommend trying out this stuff.
  7. that is some pretty stuff there...Yoda will get you stoned..
  8. Looks as if it's in the shape of a heart LOL
  9. An hour? How the fuck could you possibly hold off a whole hour? I would have smoked a bowl on the way home man :bongin:
  10. Yoda OG is legit. One of the best types I've smoked.
  11. I've heard shit about how crazy Yoda OG is and how strong the indica effects are. I'm sure that'll work wonderful for your medication purposes, enjoy!
  12. That looks dank as shit, *****.
  13. Very strong indica effects and it gets me plenty medicated :smoking:
  14. i just caught myself drooling :yummy:
  15. This!
  16. damn. nuff said
  17. I can imagine Yoda himself smoking this in a fat joint and sharing his Force-related prophecies and wisdom with us... haha idk :smoke:
  18. I just picked up some yoda og to vape and it is fantastic for after the gym to just relax the body.
  19. get stoned, you will

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