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Yocan evolve

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sgtchickens, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Does anyone have experience with these vape pens? I am curious about the plus model but it seems like they're a knock off or something. Is it a well-made knock off? Lol
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    I just got one today and it feels solid as hell. 1100mah battery, dual coil monster. Most ecigs are made in china and rebranded, so a cheap knock off is not cut and dry. My first evape was the pulsar supernova mini and it was 90 and a peice of shit, and a extra 40 for the glass globe.

    This Yocan i got for 50 after tax, turns out it was cheaper online but ill support the local Iraqi, he is cool as hell anyway. I got it home and charged it and it didnt work. Tried plugging it in again and still nothing. Looked online and found no solution until it hit me, my pulsar had a lock mechanism so i told my gf to hit the power button 5times quickly and sure enough, it unlocked and was ready to roll. She took a hit as usual and got whooped, this is higher power and with the dual coils, she wasnt expecting the comparatively massive hit.

    I got the Plus model which has a little silicon container built in the bottom so you can take your extra wax on the go.

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  3. Ill do that after the included coils are spent, thanks. So i assume you ended up getting one?


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