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  1. Wassup Blair how are you? Where you from if you ever want someone to talk to hit me up I'm always looking to make new friends
  3. I'm good :) you? I'm from Dundee Scotland yourself?
  4. Heyy welcome to the city bro!
  5. Hey fellow scotsman, how you dain mate?
  6. im not bad mate yourself? where you from?
  7. dunfermline man, not far from you at all use to skate the factory skatepark (old one) in dundee loved it. got a couple of mates at uni in dundee too
  8. Yeah man, the new park is shit haha to many rules. You board or blade?
  9. nice one man im from dundee aswell where bouts in dundee you live im from fintry ;)
  10. This is great hearing from people around the world, what a great feeling! Peace and herb, friends!
  11. Haha sweet man I'm from downfield. Never though there would be anyone from Dundee on this.
  12. haha nice one check your inbox man ;)
  13. alright guys also from dundee, how are you all? good to see other people from dundee on here.
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    Hey dude, I'm good you?
  15. Yeh great man, where you from in Dundee?
  16. Near downfield yourself?
  17. Wow, a fair few Dundee tokers. From Aberdeen myself. Welcome to the City mate. :wave:
  18. Beechwood mate
  19. Nice one man, how's it going?

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