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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Valcurium, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Just letting you guys know,

    that when you're high and you feel like people are fucking with you

    Its because they are.

    try not to get too paranoid about it ;)
  2. Yo..... No one can tell if i'm high or not.
  3. lol you just assume that
  4. People can't tell the difference when I'm high or sober because I'm not an ignorant, immature person that acts drunk off of weed, my friend.

    If I'm really really baked, I just won't talk.

    Lol, it's pretty simple, man.

  5. your high 24/7 arent you, sir?
  6. So you're some kind of stoned ninja? Don't fucking kid yourself. Stoned people talk, act and look completely different. Pretty much anyone who smokes or been around people who smoke will notice these differences.

  7. this. sometimes it gets a bit suspicious when it gets deathly quiet though haha gotta toss in a few words here and there, but yeah for the most part nobody knows when i'm stoned or not.
  8. [quote name='"Valcurium"']

    lol you just assume that[/quote]

    Trust me they can't tell.
  9. People really can't tell when I'm high anymore.. hell I go to work high
    Maybe if I'm like 10 bowls deep and don't have drops around

    A lot of the time I don't want people to know I'm actually high so just naturally when I'm smoking with others I don't show it much.
  10. once when i went to my friends house knowing id be getting high, i brought a chicken sandwich from wendys. then my dumbass drunk friends hid my chicken sandwich and i was munching soo hard and i was actually pretty pissed off haha
  11. Lol usually i'm the one doing the fucking with people!
  12. you realize that not talking is seen as weird and unusual right?

    unless your that one weird anti-social dude who is just straight up afraid to talk.

    you don't need to act retarded for people to tell you're stoned. Just because people don't call you out on it doesn't mean they don't think you're high. Fuck, I used to be a cashier and you sometimes get a customer where you're like "This dude is totally high but he's trying to act sober, how classic"

    straight up truth son!
  13. Dude bra that's not cool... Now I'm all fucking paranoid son of a bitch...
  14. [quote name='"Valcurium"']

    when you're high and you feel like people are fucking with you

    Its because they are.

    Who are you to say that we r getting fucked with when we r high?
    Whos to say your not the one getting fucked with because your prepubescent and people know that they can fuck with you easily?

  15. ohhhhhhh shittttttt
  16. I know for a fact that I act at least a little different whenever I'm high because other people that don't smoke will ask me, "Are you okay? You don't look bad, just... different.."

  17. lol dude I'm 20

    no need to get butt hurt because I'm messing with your confidence :rolleyes:
  18. For being 20, you sure do act like a 15 year old.

    straight up truth son!

  19. that's a funny generalization

    because I've met 15 year olds who are years more mature than half of this community

    I've also met extremely immature 15 year olds

    So generalizing an entire age group isn't very rational, or very mature for that matter.

    Hate on :wave:

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