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Yo Yo Yo

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Prometheus, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. Wassup everybody... how ya'll doing this fine evening on 420 :) :)

    :smoking: :wave:
  2. i am lit..toasted, baked ..if i were asian, id be bakaked....those crazy asians..

    two more bowls from the steamroller..all to myself...and a pipe earlier from ol drippy

    ahh...sod..blaring...and an izmir stinger witha dr pepper.
  3. me gooooood.. and about to be even better in about 2 hours (it will be my final toke of the day)

    whoa namron, do you know what bakake is? well its spelled bukakke.. ill pm you if you dont, lol
  4. werd namron.... WERD! WE ate some brownies and then smoked from our acrylic 2 pipe hookah.. its the shit :) we got hella blasted at this ranch over a river in the woods and then decided to go get donuts and i did and im chillin at home now :D

  5. LOLLLOO yea i noticed that too hahahhaha
  6. LIME flavored tic taks rox my sox :eek:
  7. yes..i know what bukakke is...but, im baked...so id be bakakked..it was just a play on words:p

    in about 3 hours im gonna be on a one man smoke fest until i go to sleep.
  8. ...

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  9. hey are those any good... i've been wanted one of those, they look like they taste great
  10. yeah, they are damn good...even an hour or so after your done smoking one you can still occasionally smell it or taste it.
  11. ewwwww.... I hate cigarettes, especially camels, cus when i used to smoke, I always smoked marlboro.....
  12. i agree with you smokin, cigs = evil
  13. i hated camels, because im a marlboro smoker too...but this is a special blend special occassion type cigarrette thing...i usually smoke them after i smoke weed.
  14. oo i love camels just for all the varitey and shit... thats all i like about cigs, the taste... no naturally i dont like marlboro!

    just kidding!!!!
    (I'm stoned and think thats funny so laugh damn it!)
  15. toda was awesom me and my friends smoked out of every piece each of us haves and we smoked like 6-20 bowls in each one. i myself have 9 pieces (6 bongs, gas mask, pipe, and a steamroller) in total we had like 16 pieces, and we smoked a few j's and blunts too. and the days not over im still smokeing as i sit heree

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