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yo,yo favorite bro....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. you going to register, eh?
    or just keep lurking and laughin at your right im the smartass higha, very nice deduction, BUT as i told you i LET you find me, coulda been a ghostie and it woulda been a tad harder for you. BUT i do have faith youd have figured me out soon enought....
    now register damnit! :D consider that an order, and you can take that outta my sister ass too as i know you will anyhow.

  2. High Higha!!!'ve got a brother???? ;)

    Make him register!! Kick his ass and get him in the City!!!
  3. What kind of embarrassing stories does he have on you or what ones do WE have on you :D

    This isn't the brother in law that you have had the secret crush and have fantasized about, since he married your sister is it?:D Oops, i guess it isn't a secret anymore.
  4. yeah i saw it at the fisherman's pier or whatever in san. fran. i wanted it and it was only $8 but i forgot! :mad:

  5. oooh budhead your soooo close :p
    its fav bro in law
    i know he's lurking,...must be just to buisy to register, eh he's not all that funny anyhow. :)
    annnn he has NO *personal message to him* stories on me on me...on second thought worst he could say is im crazy, an ya'll already know that.

    *lazy ass* hehe

  6. Twas not a Bud Head babes.. But you do have a crush on me as well! I know because I was in your dreams last night!LOl

    I know because it was me in your..............................
  7. hehe.

    Stoner chick.

    I've heard 'bout them.

    No lurking zone!

    Show yerself, o' relative of the lil' indian dude.

    We's all got some questions for ye!;)
  8. aaaah,mr puff. my huger stoner mistake....puffy,puffy,puffy,....for the love of god dont put that idea into fav broinlaws head, he alread has to squeaze through doorways, sides he's not man enough!lol thats why he married my LITTLE sister :D
    man an i missed zias' flea market thing too. (ok i was waaay stoned last night) awww man if i saw that picture of my indian self (probably one of those $5 jobbies,lol) id purchase that puppy ina sec put it in my livingroom where it would match nothing and laugh my butt off every day,...yea my ego is that big.
    an.....BudHead , you musta been the lead cow in my dream last night. hada dream our yard was overrun by a pack?heard?gaggle?pod?flock?. a big buncha,black and white cows eating all my floweres and bushes
    this really has happpened before only it was a horse, and it was eating a bush in front of the picture window (when a horse strectches its neck and peeks in your window its a funny funny sight)i can tell ya it dont look much like a horse at midnght with its nose pressed against your window. calling you today just to yell at you.
    *edit....i know your at work being alllll important :p but grammas mad at i KNOW your going to call me muhahahaha

  9. lol

    If hes as cool as you, he better register! \o/

    If not..he can register

    oh and the higha family stories sound like fun ;)
  10. thankya stylez.....tho, *sigh*i gotta say, nope poor boy aint nowhere near as cool as me, hahaha (see how im good i can play my fav bro?) ohhh he'll register, when he finally gets up off his big fat lazy butt.
    OR maybe its just that his computer skills are lacking?...thats probably it. (btw blades im going to be in for it when he does see this)
    and if he tells ANY stories about me, trust me he's makin em up. :D
    since he's 4 hours behind me and still workin, big ole important boy that he is....i left him a hell ofa phone message....i expect him tonight.
    and again....dont believe annnnnything he says about me.
  11. LMAO!!! I'm going to believe it ALL!!! I can't wait for the stories to begin. Muhahahaha!!! It's gonna be great. Higha, if we didn't love the Lil Indian Dude so much, the stories we're waiting on wouldn't mean so much to us.;)

    Oh yeah...Congrats on 1300!!!! I guess I need to go celebrate in a brand new thread for ya!!!!!
  12. id bet he playinat the gym :rolleyes:
    believe me he wont be able to resist, i told him we was talkin about him :D....

    but im tellin ya he aint got NO stories bout my sister was pulled down a river by a very large salmon once, in front of allllllot of people.

  13. Salmon surfing?

    What's so unusual about that?
  14. well she wasnt ina boat, and it involved tangling alot of peoples lines together.

  15. id like to introduce you all to our newest member blkbearklr...
    told ya he'd show up. musta got his computer to work. :D
    tho lawd knows if i want him to talk. he has more pms than me,rumjilly,sensi and zia all put together

    have fun brotha

    peace :)

  16. Black Bear licker? that's a strange handle. But then again that must be why you have a such a big time crush on him.:D
  17. puffy,puffy,puffy.....
    you been doin alot of talkin bout crushes, and now lickin.
    anything youd like to share? :D

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