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    yo whats up my fellow potheads? im new to this forum so here's a lil sumn bout me:

    i been experimenting with "substances" since i was 13-14 yrs old. The first time I smoked weed was sometime in 8th grade. After age 15, I would smoke every other few days. Around age 17, I was smoking every single day, multiple times a day.

    So now i'm alot older and I've done enough drugs to say I'm a drug expert. (Seriously, u can ask me questions about any drugs and I can explain them to you.)

    i was born in NYC but live in Chicago. im a pretty laid back dude who just loves music, partying, sports, mobster/comedy/horror/action movies, silly antics, chicks, kicking it with friends and just going on adventures and shit. i've done some wild sht in my life and experienced alot. i love thrills and having fun

    So I have some access to quite some weed smoking tools but I prefer Blunts over all.

    Fav Strains of weed; Ak47, Blueberry, Juicy Fruit, Bubba Kush. GrandDaddyPurp, Afghan Kush
  2. Welcome. :wave:

    Be careful, we can't talk about drugs other than marijuana here anymore.
  3. oh okay thanks. not even in general discussion tho?

  4. Welcome to the City :wave:

    It's best not to discuss other drugs ;)

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