yo, where do i buy beanbag ammo?

Discussion in 'General' started by brian8472, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. im thinking of buying a beanbag shotgun and need to know where to get a good one and ammo, also do beanbag guns come in differnt styles? like m4a1's and shit cause if they do i might get me somthing fancy :) o if your wondering why i need this its for self defense, if any fucking street or hood rats try to rob me now ill beable to adiquitly defend myself and ya i just love guns especially non leathal ones :) imo pain is a very powerful modivator killing somone is just stupid, you cant teach a dead man a lession :p
  2. buddy thats what Google is fer... let me know how that goes tho and if u need anyone to test it on ill be happy to take a shot if theres a bowl in it for me before hand........... and maby one after too ;-)
  3. are you serious? damn man if you took a shot id give ya more then a bowl those things hurt like hell lol but yes, i will go and search :D
  4. carefull though, if your gunna have shit liek that, make sure you've got the balls to use it... i knew a freind who got shorted, and when he questioned the guy the guy started getting all physical, so he whippe dout his swicth and said give me my fuckin weed, and the dude, laghed at him, said he woudlnet use it, and beat him up..he was right, he dint have the balls..so if your gunna hwip that shit out, take the fuckin shot you knwo what im sayin
  5. i hear you, and your also right i dont have the balls to pre meditate taking a life, however i am not afraid to inflict serious pain in order to save myself which is why i choose to look up non-leathal weaponry rather then full-fledged machine guns and the sort lol
  6. Bean bag guns can be just as leathal as a gun. Take a shot to the heart, groin, kidneys, head, and some other vital organs and they'll most likely die... Those things are definitely not toys, haha...
  7. true, but only at very close range( under 3 meters or so :p ) otherwise they can only really break the skin, break bones if you get a headshot i guess it could kill somone but i just want somthing i can use to fend off the assholes and thiefs in my neighborhood :p i was thinking of a pellet gun at first but im not sure if those are damaging enough...might just piss the guy off instead of knocking him down and get me in more shit lol
  8. Yeah, pellet guns wouldnt slow me down, haha... you should get a good ole baseball bat. Now theres an intimitdating sight, someone with a good ole baseball bat...
  9. whats popular on the streets here is the collapsable police baton a menecing sight to anyone, it hurts like hell and can be extreamly leathal but still i just love guns and always have nothing like a gun..yup :D
  10. learn some kung fu or something...then you won't have to carry around a gun.
  11. get a paintball gun.. those things are wicked cool
  12. ya but paintball guns are only really useful for play sure you can injur somone with them but not to the extent of a beanbag or rubber bullet :p

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