yo what up

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by %151_pROOf%, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. yo yo yo all u potheads im here cause i wanna know if grasscity is reliable.. YEEEE! aight peace
  2. reliable, umm...i guess you could say that, watch, send me some money and ill... umm.......send you something...mabey...
  3. Welcome to the city.... enjoy your stay!!!!

    And yes the city is a very reliable place!!!!!!
  4. aight word.. my boy just got a new house and we wanna get a really sick HUGE bong.. what is the biggest that i could get in da city??/ ive seen a foot or so.. i havent really been lookin
  5. check out the shop ^^
    Its good, and reliable.

    n welcome to the city :)
  6. heyyyy wut up... grasscity is reliable im sure... see ya in the forums u lil pothead! ;)
  7. Welcome To The Greenest City Online :smoke:

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