yo what should I do??

Discussion in 'General' started by mattwilson, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Hey guys so I just smoked a nice fatty wit a few of my friends down in this place we call the ruins anyway we chilled and shit and I came back home and went on youtube what i useally go on when i am high to watch stupid vids, well a few days ago some loser was spamming my lil cousins channel so I just said (dude if you dont like his vids just leave and gtfo) so today i open up my mail and the dude told me i would be dead within 6 months, now i know lot of people are gonna laugh but really ive never gotten a death threat before useally people like me. so basicly i removed my youtube account cause i dident know what else to do.
    what do you think, ime just bein paranoid while high or is there some threat here? or is it just some dipshit loser trying to fuck wit me?

    thanks hope it dident sound stupid.
  2. its just some dipshit loser trying to fuck with you. dont take it seriously bro, hes probably a 15 year old kid jerkin off to lisa bonelli pictures.
  3. you new to the interweb?
  4. no not new just hadent ever had a death threat before, kinda retarded i know but it really fucks wit me.
  5. u serious dogg?
  6. lock your windows and gates. Think about buying a gun. I would disconnect your modem so you sever your connection with the system. Just be on your toes, and remember: the internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS.
  7. cant help but to laugh.. i wouldnt be worried though bro.
  8. Hahahahaha omg i get paranoid when i am high fuck,
    I just came down and I reading my post, jesus i am a trip
    but ya man fucking place we smoked at was dope
  9. You'll be fine. Paranoid highs suck though, good thing I don't get those anymore. *shrugs*
  10. z0mg answer as many chain letters as possible to get karma back on ur side hahahahha

    nah man just chill and have a bowl ... im sure ull laugh about that shit tomorrow.
  11. well that dude's a pussy for messaging a dumbass message like that over youtube.
    don't worry, smoke another joint and relax.
  12. are you serious? I can't imagine how you would feel if you were really dodging bullets.
  13. i would put it off as some nerd whos just tryn to be hard.

    but then again, didnt some kid down in brazil kill another kid he met on some online game? i think i remember readin about it about 4-5 months ago. the kid tracked him down cuz i guess he was talkin shit online and he killed him.

    i'd prolly just put it off though.
  14. Seriously, what the fuck.
  15. lol

    immature peeps getting too mad for them to govern what they do

  16. don't trip about it. the dude's probably just fucking with you.
  17. Think of it man, if I threatened you on here and said something like you were gonna be dead in so and so, how would I go about finding your address and whatnot? Sure I guess I could get your IP address and track you from there, but its hard to do man, and someone whose gonna make threats usually won't have the intelligence to be able to get your address anyways.
    You'll be fine dude, don't worry.
  18. Ya i read about that kid that found the other kid online, but the kid gave his address to the other kid cause he was sposed to pay him money or something like that,
    and ya i checked my ip and it points to a town that i am not even in, i am like an hour away from the place, seeing as I am out in the boonys. LoL
  19. lol that was funny!! Def. don't have shit to worry about!!

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