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yo what do I do?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bdk2jw, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. #1 bdk2jw, Oct 12, 2013
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    okay so I just bought a bag of weed like $100. I paid $100 for this shit and its the worst fuckin weed. this shit has mad seeds all in the bag and its all shake
    like he told me it was good weed

  2. Post it my dude id like to see and for any tokers its some vital info to learn from

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  3. This your first time buying off him? You should of got a smaller bag first to see if hes got good shit
  4. fuck i meant $10 lol anyways i might take a pic i'm feeling lazy
  5. Fucking hundo fir dat shit?, fuck man that's fucked. Beat the fucking shit out dat bitch ahaha.

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  6. yo and just cus its got seeds does that mean its def shitty weed? i guess i'm trying to stay optimistic here although it kinda smells like dirt...
  7. ya man fuck seeds dude seeds are bad

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  8. #11 bdk2jw, Oct 12, 2013
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    fuckkk yo damn ite
    damn i was rlly tryna get high tonight too ...
  9. smh..

    Man I can tell I'm gettin old.
  10. Sshit homie I know what ya mean. I mean if you smoke enough of it it'll get ya high.

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  11. yea probably but it'll be a shitty high i bet and like my tolerence is fucked its prob .5 or .8/9 with the fuckin seeds but like i'm not even tryna smoke mad shit bud for a bad high
  12. True dat man fucking heaches I get from shitty weed just kill my high.

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  13. yeah and the thing is is its like this so i packed a bowl of some dank like 3 hours ago now and like thats all i had left. so we go around looking for weed for a while and we finally get a dealer that'll sell a "gram" for $10. i never bought from him before but he was my friends friend so i trusted it so like my friend goes and gets this shit and it was late now so he just wanted to go home and smoke it tomorrow. I just got home and looked at it and it fuckin blows... like we didn't get enough weed earlier off that 1 bowl so like now that its just a bunch of shwag i'm just hella pissed..
  14. what do you do?
    you look at whatever your going to buy first to make sure its up to your standards 
  15. #18 Michio Kaku, Oct 12, 2013
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    Don't really see how you make a double mistake typing $100 twice.. but anyway..
    You pay $10 and expect to get some super nug thats gonna fuck you up like 5 times?
    Lower your expectations or Higher your cheddar.
    If you spend $10 don't be all mad, it's probably reggie.
    When I sold dank around here people came at me with $10 and I gave them .7 (7/10) of a gram.
    When I sold reggie people came at me with $10 and I gave them 2.5 or eighths (3.5) if they were homies.
    If I bought reggie I'd rather have shake when I buy it, 
    Reasons why?
    1. It's a pain in the ass to break down and pick out all the little shit
    2. It's usually alot fatter cause it weighs the same but has low density, meaning it's light.. but usually end up being able to smoke more 
  16. ok so it's like this, this is why i'm mad.
    1. eyeballing it, it's DEF not a gram of weed. My friend is friends with this man so he bought it and shit and my friends friend SAID it was a gram. like thats fucked up to do that to your friend honestly.
    2. i was assuming it wouldn't be like super good or anything, and my friend never asked him if it was good weed so technically i can't complain. but still. It would have been nice to get a dime bag of some good shit, it ruined my friday night.
  17. Well i cant discuss violent, but in this one, um, "movie" this guy went through the same thing then later that night threw a molotov cocktail through the guys window then a haymaker to his friends mouth

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