yo, this is some fuked up shit

Discussion in 'General' started by bigman, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. i was checking out the Cannabis Culture website and it has an article about a lad from Alabama who was sentenced for 26 years for small time dealing. "13 years on each distribution charge, five years for possession of marijuana and six months for possession of paraphernalia" i mean how fucked up is that, 6 months for possession of paraphernalia when the fuckers can sell paraphernalia to us then we get 6 months for buying it. it's just gotta be the state of alabama, right, i couldn't imigine any other city or state sentencing you to 26 fuckign years for minor dealing.
  2. Yea, it's messed up...I posted the article in General Marijuana News from around the World if anyone wants to read it.
  3. Say this poor kid does have to serve 26 years. If marijuana is legalized in the US or in alabama in that time, would he still have to serve out his sentence ya think?
  4. yea i saw it too man why the hell would the cops wanna ruin someones life, as i said before if the law hurts you more than the substance not a good thing
  5. Of course they'd be released. Their crimes would no longer be crimes.

    That's shitty though... 26 years. In england a guy got caught trying to smuggle 26kilos into Ireland. He got 8 months prison and 10 months community service.
  6. Im not so sure he would be released, our gov't is stupid like that. Im sure you all heard about those guys on death row. A few of them were proven innocent and were kept on death row for quite a while before they were released.
  7. A good example how the laws DON'T work for people, I mean it doesn't hurt anyone if I smoke weed. 26 years? that mans life is ruined! god how stupid can people be. Remonds of the case where a guy got an life for stealing a snickers bar...

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